May 2014

Mother and Child

I love finding beautiful photography. It stirs something in you that brings out emotions. So powerful are these pictures we find, we can even do the unthinkable, a phone call to our love ones (because texting is too easy). And the first on our list to call- our mothers and/or grandmothers. The joy it brings to our mothers, grandmothers and great women alike is priceless and the smile they walk away with after the phone is hung up is pure delight.

So what is the most important thing a mother hopes for? As a mum myself, happiness. Seeing my three year old daughter being happy from discovering new things in life is joy.

Through the past years I collected some photos I found and pinned to my Pinterest boards here, ones which stirred my soft stop. Below is a collage of some of my favourite ones of mother and child embracing the moment of happiness, I hope it stirs your heart too.

Whether you celebrate Mother's Day or not, because everyday should be mother's day; you can't help but surprise them with a big hug or phone call and for those lucky mothers, breakfast in bed. So to all the mums, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for everyday, may you be cherished every bit.

From Adore Re Mi.


Adore Re Mi-mother and child


Clockwise from centre picture: Laura Murray,  Adore Re Mi,  'Baby earrings' by Pius Leo via Flickr,  'Mother's love' by Soul 101 vis Flickr, Colombian indigenous mother and child from Kuna community by Alexander Rieser, Blue Caleel Steve McCurry,