July 2014

Flashback Friday

Year 2000.

We are heading back to the dance floor 1999-2000 circa. When techno was becoming too hardcore and garage music was what most funksters danced to; at least I did in Sydney's Globe club while the Sydney Olympics were on.

Garage music is deep funky house, old school jungle and electro with R&B blended in together. No doubt you would have heard garage music still playing today in a modern bar/cafe or retail shop. The music faded out in the mid 2000 leaving funky tracks with a great tempo to dance, exercise or clean your house with today. I still do!

Which is why I chose a popular, commercial English garage and R&B band called Artful Dodger. They released a song called 'Please Don't Me On' which was on repeat in the hairdressing salon I worked at.

Click here to hear the funky sound of Artful Dodger.


Photo via lovethatmag.com

Enjoy your weekend! Adore ReMi

Hook, line and sinker.

I've never fished nor do I eat it, up until I met my husband as fishing is in his blood. In fact his dad still goes fishing every weekend.  So you can imagine the awkward moment when my husband said to his family I don't eat fish? (Whose the stinker sinker now?) Well didn't that make a good conversation starter? We settled with a fishing trip as I was willing to try. At least if I catch a fish, they can eat it, (I don't like the taste and I have tried all types.)

Since having my daughter, I didn't want her to grow up disliking the taste of fish and thankfully she enjoys her nana's grilled flathead and sushi too. And as for fishing, I enjoy the odd fishing days with my family and I am amazed how keen and curious Miss Cheeky is to fish.

Fishing is  a wonderful way to bond a friendship and teaches you about patience and the art of fishing e.g location, the types of lures, time of tides, the jigging and the reward of reeling in a fish to be proud of.

The funny part is that Miss Cheeky likes to share her dinner of fish with me, I reply with a  'mmm oh thank you but mummy is full. I'm sure daddy will love it more!' And boy does he ever.

Waiting for the catch via adore re mi.


3 generations of fishermen/girl via adore re mi.


Where's my fish dad? via adore re mi


proud fishergirl via adore re mi.


Fish of the day via adore re mi.


fisherman via adore re mi.

Flashback Friday

Year 1959.

I'm going back to 1959 to America.
The year Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state; when Walt Disney released Sleeping Beauty film; when music fans received the tragic news of Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper's death from a plane accident. The year The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS and epic movie of the year Ben Hur is released and wins 11 academy awards the following year (Titanic matched it in 1998).
In Australia construction starts on the iconic Sydney Opera House and our prime minister was Robert Menzies.

55 years later and so much has happened since 1959, which is why I chose this timeless legend who influenced the music industry and still does (Kanye West, Gold Digger).

Ray Charles

Click here to hear "What I'd Say" and click here to watch and hear my favourite scene of the classic Blues Brothers movie "Shake  A Tail Feather". I know you will enjoy it & if you haven't seen the biopic film Ray , watch it this weekend.

Adore Re Mi

Flashback Friday

Year 1988.

I remember sitting in the back seat in my friend's red corolla, driving home from school when this song first came on radio. It was Friday and we sang like champions excited the weekend arrived.

If you want to check it out, click here for FYC, Good Thing

Fine Young Cannibals


English band Fine Young Cannibals formed in 1984. Their songs "Good Thing" and "She Drives Me Crazy" peaked in the top ten in 1988 in Australia.

Enjoy your weekend- Adore Re Mi

Flashback Friday

Year 1983.

It's afternoon and hours away you'll be packing up your bags to go somewhere that doesn't resemble your work environment. Though I can guarantee once you listen to your favourite tune, you'll be feeling your happy self ready for the weekend.

I can get you started now,  Just click here  for the video. Hail from the U.K this Muncunian classic from New Order, Blue Monday (1983 and re-recorded by Quincey Jones in 1988).


Click here for more interesting facts on the is song alone WITH the song.

New Order Blue Monday via Adore Re Mi

Enjoy everyone!

Adore Re Mi

Street art from Mission District, San Francisco


When I traveled to America with my husband and sister-in-law about 5 years old, I had one place in mind to visit- The Mission District. "The Mission" as its commonly known, is a neighbourhood in San Francisco.

I heard of this place from a documentary I watched based on "The Mission" and became fascinated by the large population of the Hispanic community and their amazing street art throughout the district, initiated by the Chicano Art Mural Movement of the 1970's.

The neighbourhood also homes San Francisco's oldest historic building- Mission San Francisco de Asis, as commonly known as Mission Dolores, founded in 1776. Mission Dolores Parish comprises both the Basilica and the Old Mission which is now a museum for all to visit. The Old Mission has lived through the Californian Gold Rush, 1848-1855  and amazingly the 1906 earthquake. My husband was in (pardon the pun) door heaven, he's a joiner/carpenter. We were told to visit the popular street Balmy Alley and The Women's Building (the first women-led non-profit arts and education community center in the country). The mural art of the Women's Building is big, beautiful and full of colour, depicting Latin American culture.

Afterwards we headed to Balmy Alley, the most concentrated collection of murals in a street, a block long. We took lots of photos of the colourful street, a great backdrop to stand in as you'll soon see.  We missed out to see Clarion Alley (another street of murals) as it was getting late but I'll be back.


The Women's Building:

Mission, SF women's building via Adore Re MiSide view of The Women's Building in Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building close up 2 via Adore Re MiClose up of the amazing mural painting on The Women's Building, Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building 2 via Adore Re MiBeautiful detail on a large scale of the Latin American culture

Mission women's building 3 via Adore Re MiMy favourite section of the mural- young  girl wrapped up in her Latin indigenous culture

Mission women's building close up via Adore Re MiShowing the scale of the mural

Mission tile mural via Adore Re MiMyself and my sister-in-law standing next to the huge tile mural, beautifully pieced together

Mission Dolores: 

Mission San Francisco de Asis, SFMission San Francisco de Asis

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica grand doors.

Balmy Alley:

Street art murals via Adore Re MiWall to wall, street to street of mural paintings

Street art mural close up via Adore Re MiClose up of a mural (artist unknown)

Street art close up via Adore Re Mi

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re MiMy gorgeous sister-in-law

Balmy Alley, Mission, SF. Artist Sirron NorrisPopular SF street artist Sirron Norris

Mission, SF street art via Adore Re MiPoster art- Freedom to the people

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re Mi



The three of us shared a great time together in San Fran. Afterwards we traveled to Grass Valley where close family lives, I fell in love with this small Gold Rush town Mark Twain visited regularly, but that's another story.

San Francisco is a place I will come back to and explore more the inner hubs of the districts, visit places where the locals go because there is so much more than the tourist hot spots.

Adore Re Mi