September 2014

Hairstyles and Advice for Spring/Summer

Since I left the hairdressing industry years ago, I can't help but check out what styles are trending each season (as well as make-up and fashion.) I may not follow these trends but I do love keeping in the loop and Pinterest is a good place to start, even better when you can pin it to your collection.

I recently had a haircut by my long time hairdresser friend. It took me months to build up the courage to say, 'ok let's do this' as I always talked about it but never took the action until that day.

My hair was very long, thin and ratty on the ends, meaning brittle and dry. I hadn't cut it for about half a year!! The length was past my chest, half of it thinned out due to breakage. The dryness was from the excess heat, sun and wind and so lack lustre from an unhealthy habit of eating (if you're a mum, you can relate). I sat in the chair a little nervous but excited at the new me I was to become (because haircuts are good at doing this). The first snip, the second and the rest all falling down my cape in long strands. Good-bye my security blanket, hello fresh new hair!

When she had finished cutting, I couldn't help but to shake my head, feeling the ends whip my face. The new length was a long bob, sitting a little past my shoulders. After the blow-dry, I felt lighter and amazingly my hair was so much thicker, show casing its new clean hair tips, no more split ends. I was very happy with the cut my lovely friends gave me but it did take a while for the haircut to grow on me as it meant getting into a new habit of styling. Personally I love the messy curl look for extra volume.

So what is the moral of my story? It's time for a new spring clean.. on yourself! If you are too afraid to try a new haircut, try a new colour or add a fringe (it will grow out, I promise). If you had a haircut or just happy to keep the length you have try a new up-do. And don't stop there have a manicure and pedicure as tis' the season for sandals. If you don't have the time to go out, do it yourself. My favourite store in Sydney is Priceline, here you can get all sorts of beauty/hair stuff to DYI at home.

So lets get you started. Below I have a collection of my favourite hair styles you will like too to get you inspired.


long bob with fringeThis is the the picture which inspired me to get the long bob cut. Source unknown via Pinterest.

Olsen twins hairstylesLove this picture. Two different haircuts and blonde tones by the Oslen twins. Source unknown via Pinterest.

Jennie Garth short cutWant to go short and sexy. Jennie Garth (from the original 90210 cast) shows off her cut with jewellery and a bright lipstick. This is from the 2012 files, just shows some haircuts are still in trend. Via The Hair Styler

Layered bobCutting layers to a haircut creates texture and volume, add some highlights to showcase the layers. Great for all hair lengths. Via We Heart It

Summer ponytailFor the long haired, a ponytail is the easiest style. This one shows how to make it look fuller, great for the ones with thin hair like me. Via Express-O

messy ponytailIf you want to a stylish pony-tail, here is a great step by step via The Beauty Department  Love this website. Tip: Don't be too neat about it, the curling allows you to be messy.

Quick TwistThis one I pinned on my Pinterest hair board and it's one of the most pinned because it is straight forward to do. No need to blow-dry or pre-style, just need hair pins and hair spray. Tip: When you pin your hair, make sure you pin as close to the scalp as you can to secure the hair and don't be afraid to add lots. Via The Beauty Department

For more inspirations check out my collection of hair and make-up here


Overall, everyone has different hair some can be tamed and others well, let's say it has a mind of it's own. Whether your hair is straight, curly or both a little assistance with hair products is the way to go. I use a volumizer to thicken my roots and a hair mask to re-condition my dry hair. I threw away all my old hair products and kept 3 I regularly use. It's so easy to be bombarded with so many hair/beauty products, you don't end up using most of it. So perhaps that can be another spring cleaning idea to tick off, to clean out your bathroom product to make way for new one you WILL USE.


Since my hair cut, it's been looking healthier and much thicker. I have some great advice you can follow to maintain your locks in good shape and no, it's not styling advice.

How to make your healthier and tweak your hair routine.

  • Ideally it's recommend to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to cut off the dry split ends. Hair grows an average of half an inch each month.
  • Over bleaching can cause loss in elasticity  and moisture. Use a hair treatment/mask once or twice a week helps premature dryness and brittleness.
  • Exposure to sun and wind dries out your hair causing split ends and brittleness. Using a hair treatment/mask at least once a week is key, to maintain it's optimal condition for longer. Beach babe? Don't forget your hat!
  • Taking hair and skin supplements can strength hair and nails. Fish oil, iron (found in leafy greens) and/or biotin are beneficial which explains why pregnant women have great hair and nails because of the pre-natal supplements/vitamins they take during their pregnancy (with the help of hormones too).
  • Or alternatively eat these: salmon, walnuts, eggs, spinach and berries. Great for the skin and hair!
  • Now if your hair grows at a slow rate it could be genetics, poor diet or age. Depressing isn't it but there is a solution, see your doctor and if the problem is bad, ask for a referral to see a trichologist.

I hope this gave you a little inspiration and/or helpful advice from an ex-hairdresser. And yes I miss it.


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1968

I love a good song to belt out into my hairbrush. One that makes me feel empowered, like a superstar.

O.K, maybe I'm going a little too far with my imagination, but let's face it, who doesn't like to pretend you're a rock star or diva in front of your mirror or pretend centre stage in the middle of your lounge while you vacuum or dust. Just as long as the curtains are closed so you don't get caught out by the neighbours.

Which brings me to today's song. This song sung by 'the diva' herself Aretha Franklin and it's called Think. The song became popular again from the popular movie, The Blues Brothers.

Grab a brush, highlighter (if you're at your desk) or remote control and click here to sing it like Aretha. (This is a Spotify link, easy to connect with if you haven't and it's a fantastic music site to join.) If you want to view it on You Tube, click here for The Blues Brother version.

Aretha Franklin

Gimme freedom!

Enjoy your weekend. Adore Re Mi