October 2014

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Halloween Special

Greetings my fearful friends and welcome to today's dreadful Flashback Friday Halloween Special on this Halloween day. Today's song will be one to bring the music freaks out from the day into the night.

I had some requests and the most popular one is Thriller, very suiting to a generation of zombies. Because it's going to be a ghastly night ahead, I will add another song for the faint hearted, so listen up! It's a jump to the left.. the Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show.

Listen here and choose your terrifying music experience, which way will you go? Well, that's for you to find out.

Year 1982: Michael Jackson's Thriller

Year 1973: Rocky Horror Show's Time Warp 

Want more? Here is a playlist:

1984: Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters (so who are you gonna call?)

1962: Bobby Pickett, Monster Mash (classic song from my favourite Simpsons halloween special)

1997: Backstreet boys, Everybody (great halloween film clip)

1979: ACDC, Highway To Hell

1972: Stevie Wonder, Superstition

My scariest pick?  Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells from 1973's film, The Exorcist film. Linda Blair gave me nightmares!!

cut and paste to watch it on You Tube.

What films scared the hell out of you? Pet Sematary and The Excorist were mine.

Happy Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos from your spooky friend...

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Making new friends

"Always remember that, nine times out of ten, you probably aren't having a full-on nervous breakdown- you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit." Caitlin Moran.

That was exactly I felt, nervous with excitement. You live a life in a comfortable bubble with your family and friends and sometimes you need to shake things up a bit and a blog is what I started. Some jump in and swim, other's like me dip the toes in slowly until I was used of the water. Scary cat you said?


Joining up a blog school.

The Clever Cookie blog school

This year I joined The Clever Cookie School of Blog. I wasn't expecting such a wonderful community of supportive and encouraging women and men, lead by our inspiring and loveliest mentors Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim and professional photographer Rowe Timson. It was 4 weeks of blogging, learning all about the blog world with great advice from our teachers/mentors and the best part was and still is the constant flow from the students- our blog community. Chantelle and Rowe gave us so much of their time and advice, answering all questions which is amazing considering our blog class is big! It felt personal and welcoming, as it got closer to the end of the 4th week, we started to feel sad and wanted more!

In the end of the course I completed so much within the month. I added more life and detail to my blog and started to post more (not so much during the month of our course) but post-course and keeping up with the community has been lovely. Thank you Chantelle and Rowe, you girls did amazing for a first timer for blog school!



The Sydney Clever Cookie Graduation High Noon Tea. 

It was during the course Sam with the help of Lisa, suggested a Sydney graduation event, at The Victorian Room in the QVB. An opportunity to get to meet the local students, mingling with bloggers alike. A lovely way to conclude our course.

As I travelled on the bus to the city, my nerves were trying to overcome my body and I know this feeling too well, anxiety. I kept calm and told myself it's only 2 hrs. This was a big goal for me, attending an event alone and meet a group of strangers (who aren't really). I felt this was something I couldn't miss out. My problem isn't that I'm an introvert but how the anxiety attacks my body and mind to stop me from socialising, conversing naturally with others. I didn't want to be a zombie like guest.

When I arrived, I waited to be seated. The waitress replied with a smile 'oh yes the big group with the gifts' directing me to the table.

As soon as I saw the faces, I relaxed. At first I may have come across as an extrovert, the nerves always make me talk more but after the introduction, I exhaled and realise it was going to be alright.  Everyone is so lovely and approachable and we talked non-stop, mincing words with the delicious food when the 2 hrs was nearly up. No! Too soon, we were warming up, making new friends; perhaps that's the reason we were given a glass of bubbles. We exchanged our gifts, lots of excitement and joy receiving notebooks, journals etc to get more inspired to write. Thanks to Lisa for the great gift exchange idea.

Overall, the morning went wonderfully well and all of us are looking forward to our next get together with new faces to meet from the girls who couldn't make it.

IMG_6622 Adore Re Mi

As we sat down, we were greeted with this delicious gift by Sam. Sam's delicious caramel fudge recipe is found here.

IMG_6627 Adore Re Mi

IMG_6632 Adore Re Mi

Delicious sweet treats...

IMG_6630 Adore Re Mi

...all served with a glass of bubbles and pots of hot brewed tea with scones and finger sandwiches.

The girls.


The lovely Shannon, Lisa (who organised the bookings and Happy birthday for the day too!) and Stephanie.


Sneaky photo of Sam taking a pic.

IMG_6637 Adore Re Mi

The lovely Stephanie, Kirralee and Di.


The lovely Sam who thought of the idea of meeting up and Chris who made us lol (photo courtsey of Sam)

IMG_6643 Adore Re Mi

Lovely Michelle and Jackie.

IMG_6644 Adore Re Mi

Jackie's little lady joining the girl's group.

Clever Cookie Sydney graduatesThe first Sydney Clever Cookie Blog School graduates of 2014. (I'm the one sitting in the front and the lovely girl next to me is Vivien.)

Please hover and click over the names of the girls to check out their amazing blogs.

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster award via Adore Re Mi

I had heard of the Liebster Blog Award and thought what a brilliant idea. Supporting bloggers alike and acknowledging their work through other bloggers. So when Shannon at My2morrows nominated me along with 9 others, I was excited as I am just a fresh-faced blogger graduated from Clever Cookie Blog School and it was here I met a wonderful and encouraging group of 130+bloggers. (I got to meet the girls from Sydney for a high noon tea at the QVB, post coming soon.)

About the award- The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. As a way of recognising your blog and a way to connect and discover other amazing blogs out there. Liebster is a German word for 'favourite'.

A few rules that come with the nomination are:

  • Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer ten questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate ten other bloggers for the award.
  • Create ten questions for nominees to answer.
  • Notify your nominees.
  • Get an award button and display it proudly.


And here are the questions I answered:

1. Inspiration behind your blog? I set up my blog as a personal journal for my creative stuff like craft and photography. Now that it's become public, it has become a place to find ideas and inspirations for music lovers and families.

2.On your bedside table? I wish my bedside table looks like something from Pinterest. Instead, a lamp, pen and paper to write down my dreams and ideas. It's where I do all my thinking.

3. Favourite song/album? Song: Soul II Soul, Back to Life. Album: Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.

4. Favourite drink? Lately it's been pink lemonade, such a summer drink.

5. What were you doing a decade ago?I had broken up my 6 year relationship with a guy and for the first time I felt free and single, mind you I did go out on dates but nothing serious came out of any. I moved to Cammeray then moved to Rozelle in Sydney with two of my friends. I worked in a hairdressing salon in the city as a colourist.

6. Favourite quote? 'I am too fond of the stars to be afraid of the dark.' Gallileo

7. Describe your style? At the moment, it's loose everything as I am expanding into a round ball. I normally wear my jeans with a loose top and a bold lippy to make me feel girlie.

8. Most treasured possession? My grandma's gold earrings. It was the last pair she wore.

9. Favourite holiday destination? Thailand and Hawaii. I've visited 3 times each throughout my life with my parents and now with my family.

10. What is one random thing that most people don't know about you? I sky jumped, loved it!


The ten I nominate are:


Here are the questions for our nominees to answer:

1. What inspired you to start your blog journey?

2. Give us a little about your background e.g work, family etc

3. Most inspiring person.

4. Favourite quote?

5. Favourite movie?

6. You won $1 million, how would you spend it?

7. Five famous people you would invite to for dinner (dead or/and alive).

8. Best way to spend time with your family.

9. Favourite drink?

10. Favourite memory from your childhood.

Look forward to reading your answers..       blog signature

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1989

What?! Another 1989? There are so many hits from 1989-91 that I always came back to this amazing track AND album...

Artist: Janet Jackson, Song: Rhythm Nation, Album: Rhythm Nation 1814

I always been a Janet fan since her Pleasure Principle song in 1986, but it wasn't until 3 years later I stopped and listened to Janet Jackson with her hit after hit of songs from her album Rhythm Nation. My friend's older sister bought the LP and we danced non-stop in her room filled with posters of Boys ll Men, Marky Mark and Naughty By Nature.

So what does the 1814 mean? Francis Scott Key wrote the American national anthem in 1814 and it so happened to be that the 'R' is the 18th letter of the alphabet and 'N' is the 14th. The album did start a rhythm nation influencing kids across the world to follow her, she stated a pledge in the beginning of the album.. "We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color-lines" then the countdown starts.

So let's not delay, listen here

Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814source janetjackson.com

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don't forget next week's Friday Flashback halloween song. Can you think of one? Let me know!

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Halloween Ideas by Adore Re MiSince I was a kid I was and still fascinated with all things spooky. I love reading witches and ghouls, ( zombie eyes I hate since watching the movie 28 days Later.) When you grow in a friendly haunted house you become used to the sounds, personally I thought it was the house creaking but my mum thought differently. She heard someone walking through our hallway, even our visitors felt a strange vibe. But my mum made me feel safe and not to be afraid. I grew up 'too fond of the stars to be afraid of the dark' (Galileo). So I haven't actually seen a 'ghost' but I believe there is more than our presence existing.

Halloween is a memorable time of year for me, dressing up in character and visiting your neighbours for treats. My parents never celebrated it but allowed me and my friends to have fun. Last year my daughter and I dressed up for halloween along with our American neighbour and her two daughters. We didn't go trick or treating as the children were too young so we went to our local pizza restaurant. She told me how the Americans celebrate it and I am certain I will visit America during their halloween festival and to Mexico to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos too.

I did this mini photo montage of halloween crafts that are easy and some simple to do from my collection of all SPOOKY things here. You will find lots more inspiration..

Credits and info:

Top: Banana ghost and mandarin pumpkins, found on Princess Pink Girl.

Small top: Ghost Cookies using an upside down tulip cookie cutter made by Make Me Cake Me.

Small bottom: Halloween hand treats using a clear disposable glove tied with a ribbon created by The Queens Card Castle.

Middle: Halloween door, great way to make a spooky impression and inviting too! Photo by Tara Donne via Parenting.com

Bottom left: Frankenstein marshmallow pops, easy to make and you can change the character according to the theme of the party. Tutoril and created by Craft-O-Maniac.

Bottom right: Pumpkin lanterns, you can buy lanterns, craft paper from the dollar shop. Easy and quick to do. Via Martha Stewart.

This is my final third Halloween post. If you missed the first two, you can check it out here and here . Hope you all have fun and be frightfully good. Happy Halloween to all! Adore Re Mi.


Want more ghoulish ideas, I have spooky stuff from my friends who enjoy halloween as much as I do, check it out!

Boiled Eggs & SoldiersBoiled Eggs & Soldiers decorated her home with mummy poppers, ghosts and pumpkins. She has lots more ideas from halloween too. Look here

Pink Post It Note Recipes To SaveDeliciously creepy Spider Choc Chip Cookies and read up about where halloween began via Pink Post It Note Recipes To Save.

Buy these from Sugar StationIf you love visiting candy/lolly shops as much as I do then you must check out Sugar Station. You can purchase Bertie Bott's Beans and Bean Boozled!

Mummy mason jarsMum Of Five Girls has more great craft ideas like the mummy mason jars, check it out here.

A kid-friendly Halloween party by Stay At Home TerritoryStay At Home Territory has planned and organised a halloween party for her kids. Lots of great ideas! Check it out here




Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1989.

The decade of the 80's was closing up; too much of everything e.g bright makeup, big teased hair, gold and glitter from the disco, big haired rock bands, neon and shoulder pads was becoming something of the past as we welcomed the 90's- minimal, Doc Martin boots, Stussy rave gear, dance hits and the grunge, oh and waif model Kate Moss (still looks good!) Today I chose the R&B.

Band: Soul ll Soul Song: Back to Life (However Do You Want Me) Singer: Caron Wheeler & Producer: Jazzie B

British R&B group Soul ll Soul's song peaked top 10 in the U.S, U.K & in Australia. The song was sampled by many groups and musicians including Enimga, Sadness Part 1 and N-Joi, Anthem in 1990. When I first heard this song, it stopped me on track. I loved the song then and still love the song now. It's so timeless and at 25 years old, it hasn't aged one bit.

Soul ll Soul, Back to Life

Click here to moove your groove.

Enjoy your weekend and I'm going to enjoy searching for a song fitting for halloween. Any suggestions?