November 2014

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 2000

Artist: Moby

Song: Porcelain

Album: Play

American electronica musician Richard Melville Hall, known as Moby, career was noticed in the early 1990's with his electronic dance music. By the fifth album, Play (2000), he was internationally recognised with many of his singles in the top 10. He produced and co-written with the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Guns n' Roses, Draft Punk, Michael Jackson just to name a few.

He plays a number of instruments like the guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. He is also a great photographer. Talented bastard!

I chose this song as It takes me back to when I was hairdressing and it was a salon favourite. This particular song is uplighting and it's a great song to get you into the electronica genre. You will surprised to hear many songs of Moby's you recognise already from TV ads to films e.g The Bourne Identity. What is he doing now? Still touring around America and capturing photographs.

Click here is listen.

Moby, Play


Enjoy your weekend!

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Spring Inspired Outfits

On the east-coast of Australia it's been hot one day and windy cold the next (maybe refreshing to some.)
I've put away all my wooly winter jumpers but I've kept my lighter essentials for the chilly nights. So I created 3 spring inspired outfits inspired by Pantone colors to mix and match for this crazy in between season. One for each occasion:
  • work
  • casual/date night
  • day to night

The colour inspiration is from the Pantone Spring 2014. You can't go wrong using Sand and Paloma as your neutral colours and boost it up with the brighter colours.

Now considering my personal choice of colour is black, I do like the colour palette, so I'm making some effort to wear navy and grey as my neutral/base tones. It makes a difference to your mood and you get more compliments wearing colour. Mind you I still love black!
The Way She Wears It.

My favourite is the champagne colour pants/leggings. I personally wouldn't be able to wear it without a longer top, but just the remember the rule for the body conscience- Tighter on top, looser on the bottom or looser on top on tighter on the bottom. This will give you some definition without looking frumpy. (Tighter means NOT skin tight but comfortable tight.)
I added flats to the outfits; as much as I love wearing heels, I can't walk in them for long and you can wear dressy flats and still good look.
Hope the colours inspired you as much as it did for me and helped make a decision on a new outfit you for to try.
To my American & Canadian friends, sending you warm hugs with all the
snow you been dumped!
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Guest Post: Krissy from Pretty Wee Things.

I welcome you my first blog guest post: Krissy from Pretty Wee Things. A blog about health, fashion and beauty and of course her little man!

Pretty Wee Things

Pretty Wee Things about me photo

The wonderful part of starting a blog is joining a community of other bloggers. We all completed an online course at The Clever Cookie School of Blog some months ago and throughout the 4 weeks we supported and encouraged each other, getting to know one another and reading each other's blog.

So it was through the school I met Krissy of Pretty Wee Things. A lovely mum of a little boy, newly married to a dashing man (you must check out her stunning wedding photos!) She completed a Bachelor of Science honours in Psychology and also a Makeup Artistry certificate. She is into health, fashion and beauty. Krissy has a some delicious recipes which are healthy and worth checking out too.

Let's get to know Krissy a bit more...



1. What inspired you to start your blog journey?

My son…not literally, but becoming a mum meant I had to somewhat change the way I was used to living (like endless shopping trips, super long showers, white clothing). I wanted to still feel like “me” while being the best mum I could be, so along came Pretty Wee Things. My blog is my space to share the things that still matter to me, like fashion and beauty and health (and my awesome little man), even if my “normal” has changed.


Baby got style 4

2. What is your favourite post you've written? (Link please)

I have to say that I LOVE seeing others enjoy my posts, so my favourite posts so far are probably the ones that seem to be enjoyed by most.  Our wedding day was a clear winner, but then who doesn’t like weddings!  And my healthy bliss balls have been a long-standing blog pleaser!  I always find people come back to that one!
Pretty wee christmas bliss balls 2

3. Top three health tips for summer.

Stay hydrated with LOTS OF WATER!
Enjoy the summer fruit, it’s not bad for you!
Remember sunscreen (or better yet, buy a day cream that has SPF) and good quality sunglasses

4. What essentials do you carry in your bag?

My water bottle, always a lipstick (I love MAC hug-me at the moment), concealer (I’m using Rimmel), Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm, my inhaler (asthma, kind of a massive essential), baby wipes and nappies.  These days my bag doubles as a baby bag!
WIW Gypsy05

5. Three make-up items you can't live without?

The Kit eyebrow gel pen in Dark Taupe, Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr tinted day cream, and Mascara!

6. What is one tradition your family has at Christmas time?

Growing up, our Santa always had a hole in his sack and would leave a trail of lollies wherever he had been.  I loved the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning and following the trail of candy to find our presents, or to see that he had visited our animals.  I absolutely will continue that tradition, although I may need to think of a healthy alternative to candy!  Any suggestions welcome!

7. What is on your Christmas list?

I haven’t even thought about myself for Christmas this year.  To be totally honest, I would love some new homeware…some cushions and a new giant entrance mirror!
Thanks for having me on Adore Re Mi!!!
It's a real pleasure having you on board at Adore Re Mi. By the way I love your Christmas tradition!
We will see more of Krissy in the near future, I'll be asking more on her beauty, fashion and psychology views. Please check more of Krissy on Facebook and Pinterest .

Flashback Friday

Year 2001

The bands from the U.K dominated the music industry in the late 90's to early 00's with it's Britpop tunes against  American's punk pop.

A lot of the music was was re-created and sampled with electro, acid jazz, pop eccentric sounds and rock e.g Mazzive Attack, Blur, Oasis, Brand New Heavies, Garbage.

So today's Flashback Friday is of a popular funkster performer with his funk/acid jazz, Jamiroquai, and the song is Little L (A Funky Odyssey, 2001), about his break up with ex-partner. Oh the woes of celebrity life.

Nevertheless, I enjoy a good dance song and I never get tired of any of Jay Kay's songs (and his hats), especially Little L.

Jamiroquai, A Funky Odyssey

source: Sony Soho Square

So av' a gander ova to Jamiroquai's, Little L and have a brill weekend! Click here blog signature


Navy, Blue and Metallic Inspiration board

I love how no mood, colour or inspiration board are the same. Everyone is as unique as their personality and as the creative creatures we are, we design/create for ourselves and for others. Thanks to my friend Emma, I am a virtual collage addict and here is my first one to inspire you.
Navy, Blue and Metallic

Check out what inspiration board I have created for you next week.
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Flashback Friday.

It's Flashback Friday and the year is 1963.

We are on a set of a classic movie with one of the world's biggest stars Elvis Presley, doing what he does best, charming the pants off the women and men I'm sure.

The movie is Fun in Acapulco is set in Mexico, (Hollywood studios actually) and even though Bossa Nova is Brazilian, the song I chosen today Bossa Nova Baby was a success in the music charts in 1963.

Today it is repetitively played on T.V for a beer ad and I can't help but break out dancing some Bossa Nova, if only someone can teach me.

So I suggest go and make yourself a Tom Collins, Screwdriver or a Bloody Mary (if you had a rough night) from your secret bar cart and enjoy the song sung by the suave man himself, Elvis here.

Elvis Presley, Bossa Nova Baby

 All cocktails mentioned are originally from the 60's. Note for self: refurbish baby change table to a bar cart. Damn I gave it away..! Want some bar cart inspiration? Here is my favourite:

stylish bar cartFound on this amazing Hungarian site here.

Have a great weekend everyone! blog signature