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Hi/hola I'm Astrid and welcome my creative, music loving blog Adore Re Mi.

Hello I'm Astrid from Adore Re Mi

I am a creative person by nature who finds inspiration from the darkest corners to the imperfections of life. I was a hair colourist and dabbled in make-up for 10 years. A totally different kind of creative, getting to know your clients personally and the best part was to see them smile with the end result. Currently I am a mum looking after my 3 almost 4 year old and I don't feel guilty to drink wine alone.

I enjoy to pop in to my husband's work and see what he is making. He is a carpenter/builder and I enjoy helping him out when he is busy so getting my hands dirty is fine, it just needs a lick of nail polish and I feel girlie again. I am currently studying photography. It started as a hobby capturing those wonderful moments in time, especially my 3 year old daughter who I  call 'Miss Cheeky' because she is a real handful and makes me laugh.

At home, we are a trio. My husband, Miss Cheeky and I. We make a good team, raising a child who is strong-willed and very determined provides us with real challenges especially when I have anxiety/depression but we always end up with plenty of cuddles. I just try to not stay put the hole of the pink iced donut for long especially when there is sweet stuff around me.

My blog Adore Re Mi is a place where I can express myself through the good and bad of the everyday life. It stems my visual and creative ideas to inspire you via home and the heart.

I do hope to see you more often and watch my blog blossom.

Me in brief:

  • A happy snapper
  • Tim Tam cruncher
  • Movie watcher
  • Creative maker
  • Music listener
  • Latina mother and girl from down under.

Hello from Adore Re Mi

Adore Re Mi- about me

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