Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1990.

I'm still continuing the Aussie Flashback Friday from last week. One band wasn't enough, I wanted to add Australia's most popular pint size export- Kylie Minogue.

As a kid I was a Neighbours fan (Aussie TV show), when Charlene and Scott were just friends. Then their wedding became the most watched episode on TV in the 80's.
She left the show to become a singer like her younger sister Danni (my favourite Young Talent Time member, so wanted her and Vinnie to get together!) It was unfortunate for Danni who never succeeded as far as her sister; but after the 'Loco-Motion' song went to number one, Kylie's success began. O.k so we Aussies were a little rough with her, nicknaming her 'the singing budgie', she proved to us with much of her success in the U.K and dating Michael from INXS, she wasn't going to fade and still performing better than ever.

So today I chose a song I loved and the rest of the gay community too. My favourite album was Impossible Princess but I can't help and boogie to her old school pop.

Kylie, Better The Devil You Know

Kylie Minogue – Better the Devil You Know

Click here to watch the video

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Flashback Friday

Friday Flashback 1987.

O.k I feel ashamed. I'm Aussie and I haven't posted any Australian songs and yet there are so many I remember from the year 1987, Kylie Minogue, Locomotion; Ice House, Electric Blue and Crazy; John Farnham, Pressure Down; Midnight Oil, Beds are Burning and Hoodoo Gurus, What's My Scene.

So today's Flashback Friday is from INXS. I first took noticed of the band with their Kick album. Hit after hit of songs we still enjoy today. I taped much of their music from the radio, stopping right on cue before the radio announcer spoke from Take 40 (fist pump moment).

I chose two songs to make up for my lack of Aussie music pride. Click either one to listen.

Need you tonight

New Sensation

INXS, Kick

Album design: Nick Egan- art direction & design, Grant Matthews- photography.


Next week I have a another popular Aussie so stay tuned. Have a great weekend and if your shopping, don't forget to check out my Christmas gift ideas for everyone. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 2000

Artist: Moby

Song: Porcelain

Album: Play

American electronica musician Richard Melville Hall, known as Moby, career was noticed in the early 1990's with his electronic dance music. By the fifth album, Play (2000), he was internationally recognised with many of his singles in the top 10. He produced and co-written with the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Guns n' Roses, Draft Punk, Michael Jackson just to name a few.

He plays a number of instruments like the guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. He is also a great photographer. Talented bastard!

I chose this song as It takes me back to when I was hairdressing and it was a salon favourite. This particular song is uplighting and it's a great song to get you into the electronica genre. You will surprised to hear many songs of Moby's you recognise already from TV ads to films e.g The Bourne Identity. What is he doing now? Still touring around America and capturing photographs.

Click here is listen.

Moby, Play


Enjoy your weekend!

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Flashback Friday

Year 2001

The bands from the U.K dominated the music industry in the late 90's to early 00's with it's Britpop tunes against  American's punk pop.

A lot of the music was was re-created and sampled with electro, acid jazz, pop eccentric sounds and rock e.g Mazzive Attack, Blur, Oasis, Brand New Heavies, Garbage.

So today's Flashback Friday is of a popular funkster performer with his funk/acid jazz, Jamiroquai, and the song is Little L (A Funky Odyssey, 2001), about his break up with ex-partner. Oh the woes of celebrity life.

Nevertheless, I enjoy a good dance song and I never get tired of any of Jay Kay's songs (and his hats), especially Little L.

Jamiroquai, A Funky Odyssey

source: Sony Soho Square

So av' a gander ova to Jamiroquai's, Little L and have a brill weekend! Click here blog signature


Flashback Friday.

It's Flashback Friday and the year is 1963.

We are on a set of a classic movie with one of the world's biggest stars Elvis Presley, doing what he does best, charming the pants off the women and men I'm sure.

The movie is Fun in Acapulco is set in Mexico, (Hollywood studios actually) and even though Bossa Nova is Brazilian, the song I chosen today Bossa Nova Baby was a success in the music charts in 1963.

Today it is repetitively played on T.V for a beer ad and I can't help but break out dancing some Bossa Nova, if only someone can teach me.

So I suggest go and make yourself a Tom Collins, Screwdriver or a Bloody Mary (if you had a rough night) from your secret bar cart and enjoy the song sung by the suave man himself, Elvis here.

Elvis Presley, Bossa Nova Baby

 All cocktails mentioned are originally from the 60's. Note for self: refurbish baby change table to a bar cart. Damn I gave it away..! Want some bar cart inspiration? Here is my favourite:

stylish bar cartFound on this amazing Hungarian site here.

Have a great weekend everyone! blog signature

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Halloween Special

Greetings my fearful friends and welcome to today's dreadful Flashback Friday Halloween Special on this Halloween day. Today's song will be one to bring the music freaks out from the day into the night.

I had some requests and the most popular one is Thriller, very suiting to a generation of zombies. Because it's going to be a ghastly night ahead, I will add another song for the faint hearted, so listen up! It's a jump to the left.. the Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show.

Listen here and choose your terrifying music experience, which way will you go? Well, that's for you to find out.

Year 1982: Michael Jackson's Thriller

Year 1973: Rocky Horror Show's Time Warp 

Want more? Here is a playlist:

1984: Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters (so who are you gonna call?)

1962: Bobby Pickett, Monster Mash (classic song from my favourite Simpsons halloween special)

1997: Backstreet boys, Everybody (great halloween film clip)

1979: ACDC, Highway To Hell

1972: Stevie Wonder, Superstition

My scariest pick?  Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells from 1973's film, The Exorcist film. Linda Blair gave me nightmares!!

cut and paste to watch it on You Tube.

What films scared the hell out of you? Pet Sematary and The Excorist were mine.

Happy Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos from your spooky friend...

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