Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

Photo by Anusorn P Nachol of Free Digital photos

Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone: Sometimes we get stuck with what to wear for that fancy dress party or halloween and it's the simplest creations that wins the heart.. and pockets. Here I have a collection of ideas for your child, family and couples too. So there is no need to spend too much on the costumes and no need to hire, unless you really have to (men and those muscle vest).

Let''s start with the kids: Warning! This may raise your adorableness levels.

Baby mouse costumeFirst one up is this adorable baby mouse costume. Make sure it's comfortable for him to fall asleep in, hopefully you can transfer your baby to his real bed without fuss. Fingers crossed! Tip: great way to recycle cardboard. Via indulgy.com

Halloween costume via KidKapersHow quick, easy and cheap is this superhero costume! Tip: No cape or can't sew? Use old bed sheets, tea towel, old clothes you can cut up, shower curtain. Got an hour to spare? (You wish you said), head to the fabric store or dollar store and you will be amazed what you find. Source: Kid Kapers

Ninja turtle halloween costumeSince the movie came out this year, a new generation of mini ninja turtles has emerged from the sewers. Thankfully the costume is straight forward and no need to fork out hiring fees; all you need is green clothing or jumpsuit, felt from fabric or art & craft shops and the turtle shell? Aluminium BBQ meat dish from your local supermarket. No mask? Face paint it. Source: A Night Owl blogspot.

Darth Vader PrincessI only wish I thought of this when I was a tomboy (never too late you say?) Via: The Metapicture

RocketpackIf you child hates dressing in.. clothes (I don't have to do a marathon, I run after my 3 year old every morning to get her dressed), this can be a winner. A homemade rocket/jet pack. It's cheap and easy as you can see in the picture. If she loves pink, she can become rocket girl. Source: Doodle Craft

Flower Post girl costumeThis flower pot girl costume melts my heart.. at the cost of this outfit. A genius mum with a 'a-ha' moment used what she had at home, a laundry bucket and flowers bought from the dollar shop. I highly suggest to check out her site. O.k this outfit really does melt my heart. Source: Clumsy Crafter

Family costume ideas:

Halloween family costumes ideasThis collage of amazing costumes was put together byBelles Bebes. I love every one of them even though there is an effort to make it look good, sometimes it the result is worth it. I think I might make our professional family photo dressed up in our halloween costumes, good conversation starter. Photo credits: 1.Freshly Completed  2.Strawberry Chic  3.Disney Family Community  4.Parents.com  5.The Dating Divas  6.Guest of a Guest  7.Parents.com  8.Ashley Ann

Couple Dressing: 

Guess Who couple costumeThis is my favourite of all costumes (besides dressing up as a witch), Guess Who? Source: Cool Couple Costume

Bonnie and ClydeFor the glamour couple? Bonnie and Clyde. Let's go charity shopping! via Daily Mail

Dia de los Muertos by Amy NealI haven't forgotten Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead costume. Source: The Other Side of the Tortilla (great name).

Bikini couple costumeConsidering I'm an Australian, you can't beat the style of the bikini. Much better look than our prime minister in a budgie smuggler (don't ask). Oh I shouldn't forget America's Baywatch too!

O.k save the best costume until last.. Drum rolls please (bet some of you did it in your head)...

Lost dog costumeThank you to the lady who made this costume! Via: Bits and Pieces

I do hope it gave you some inspiration and motivation to create or a laugh at some of these great dress ups.

Happy Halloween from Adore Re Mi! (featured image by Anusorn P Nachol of freedigitalphotos.com)

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