gift box decorating

What you need:

If you don't have bubble wrap, you can use foam or scrunched up paper.

This is to help elevate the top foam, as it would sit too low into the box.

I've used a pastel pencil, you can use a sewing marker or just plain chalk

to trace the foam to the size of the box. No scalpel? Use scissors.

And lastly, no twine? You can use ribbon or washi/craft tape.



I bought my boxes from the $2 shop. I used the foam from one box and trimmed it to the size of the box I want to use.

You don't have to use a white box, you can use any colour you wish.

I used this box as a base to build from.

gift box ideas

1. Start with a plain box.

inner edge

2. I wanted the colour to to be visible in the box when she opened it,

So I lined the inner edge of the box, not the lid.

sticky stuff3. Tape the outer lid. I wanted some contrast, so I used two different styles of tape.

fill it

4. Using the bubble I cut previously, I used two layers before adding the top foam layer,

leaving the edges exposed to see the colour of the tape peep through.

Remember, if you don't have extra foam or bubble wrap, use scrunched paper.

tie it up

5. Lid on & tie it up! I used builders twine. Now these days you can find twine in any colour.

Pop in to your local art/craft store. I'm certain, you will find more inspiration!


Remember, you can use any colour you wish. Click here for more inspirations.

Have fun! Adore Re Mi

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