Makeup inspirations

MakeUp Inspirations via Adore Re Mi

MakeUp Inspirations via Adore Re Mi

Now that you read last week's post on hair inspiration, this week it's about makeup inspirations. So it's time to update or refresh your makeup with these easy step-by-step makeup tips and looks for all complexions from fair to dark skin. The aim: To learn something new. Whether it's using a new eye shadow colour, knowing where to apply or how to apply, you will gain something from here as much as I did when I completed my makeup course.

I completed my  short course at 3 Arts in Sydney while I was hairdressing. I learnt the foundation of make-up and applied this knowledge on my models for photographic shoots and for myself. My favourite practice model is my mum as I learnt a lot about mature skin. I included a picture of Helen Mirren to show you how less is more especially with age. The collection of pictures shown here are from my Pinterest board. When I started to 'pin' I threw away all my folders of makeup and hair pictures I torn from the magazines. I especially love the tutorials which help you (including me) understand the application of makeup.

In the following pictures, it's requires you to use a eye shadow base- neutral and shimmery colours too. An example is like this one:

MAC cool eye shadow paletteMAC x15 Cool Neutral eye shadow palette. Photo by Lesley Rocks Face. A great website with lots of makeup reviews.

Now I'm not saying you have to buy this one, I am only using the colours as an example. However, if you do want to buy, depending on your budget, you can purchase makeup from chemist/pharmacy for $, Priceline for $-$$ or MECCA and soon to open Sephora $-$$$

how to make your eyes popPicture 1 is about highlighting your eyes to make them pop by dotting the middle and the inner eye with a lighter shade almost iridescent/white. Finish off with a thin eyeliner to make the colour stand out. Via

Helen MirrenPicture 2: Helen Mirren is my idol. She is stunning at her age, in fact you don't think of her age but a fashion icon. I chose Helen's makeup for the 'young at heart' women. Throw away the bright, fashion colours and stay on the neutral side for a timeless look. This makeup suits fair to olive skin. Via Make Up & Beauty.

wedding:natural make-upPicture 3: Perfect for weddings, daytime, special occasions without looking like a panda. I love the warmer, bronze neutral with a soft pink lipstick. For greater impact apply false eye-lashes. Via Kissable Complexions.

Barely there make-upPicture 4: Similar to picture 1 instead with blue eyes. Love how the soft neutral pink makes the blue stand out. Via

how to do winged lookPicture 5: Now it will start to get a little tricky. How to apply liquid eyeliner, firstly with lots of practice. I started using eyeliner when I was 19 and still do. I love how it makes your lashes longer and makes you look retro sexy. Make sure you use one that doesn't smudge and if you don't like the thickness, go thin like dot to dot on your eye lashes.  Source: Buzzfeed.

I like keep my makeup minimal, it's either bold lips or more defined eyes with eyeliner. Never both as it looks too much on my small face.

Smokey eyes for Asian womenPicture 6: If you have Asian eyes, pencil eye liner is softer for the inner eyes, you can smudge it a little for a smokey look. Source: Buzzfeed.

smokey eyesPicture 7: For the ones who want to try smoky eye makeup, this is a great tutorial, again using neutral colours. You can use this as a guide and use different eye shadow colours of your choice. Source unknown via Pinterest.

Bright eyes for dark complexionsPicture 8: For the dark skin, Lupita Nyong'O 's makeup is stunning on her. Not everyone can wear the bright blue eye liner and it looks great on Lupita. To balance the strong eye makeup, a bright coloured blush is added with neutral lips. Alternatively just a bright lipstick is enough. Via Divalocity.

I can hear you saying, whose got time to practice? The best part is that you can't make big errors using neutral makeup. If you don't have makeup brushes, as most of us do, apply with your finger, I use my ring finger or cotton buds for the darker colours. You an purchase brushes from Priceline or invest in better quality from a professional counter. I use Bobby Brown.

The most practice needed is applying eye liner, if you have kids about let them play nearby in front of a mirror or best when they are being looked after by a family member or partner. Girls love to be included and want to copy their mums and I found a perfect solution without worrying if the ingredients in the makeup can react on your child's skin.

via Soho Sonnet.comI found Soho Sonnet (great website) with a great idea for kid's makeup. Adding nail polish to empty eye shadow case and let them dry rock hard, no messy makeup on the carpet! I'm going to do this for my 3 year old who loves beauty, what little girl doesn't.

That is all for today. Next week will be Halloween costumes and makeup ideas, don't miss it! Adore Re Mi.

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  • Krissy
    October 10, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    Great post! I had your “picture 3” as my wedding makeup inspiration and it was that exact picture that I showed my makeup artist! Love it! x

    • Astrid
      October 13, 2014 - 7:48 am

      Hi Krissy! Yes love the makeup too especially when you can see how the eye shadow looks. I’m sure you looked stunning on your wedding day. Your photos look breathe taking.

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