When someone you love falls.

Monday I announced to the rest of my family and friends I am pregnant.

Tuesday was a day I needed stay at home with my 3 year old. What I wasn't expecting was a phone call from my husband early morning to say his mum had an accident and may have had broken her pelvic bone.

'Oh no, not pelvic bone!' I thought to myself, that's a long and painful recovery. Later in the day, I was told it was a pubic bone fracture, still painful but not as bad as the broken bone.

As I looked in my diary, I had penciled in for Wednesday- day out with nana. Nana is my mum-in-law and a close friend. We chat about everything and give each other advice. Yes, I am one of the few lucky women to marry into a family I love very much as my own.
I don't regard them as 'in-laws' only by introduction.

Nana is an amazing women who does so much for her family and friends. A reliable and loyal lady who drops everything for you when you need help and always extends her hand.
She bakes the most amazing cheesecakes, scones and apple & rhubarb crumble for all to share. I am not one to enjoy shopping but her truthful advice is Godsend, never going home with an ill fitted clothing. Her patience with my daughter only makes her a loveable nana who gives out treats and always empathises with the sick.

Thankfully, she was with a neighbour when she fell down the backyard stairs and an ambulance was called. It's frightening to think how this could have been worse, lying in pain alone crying out for help.
Her husband left work immediately to be by her side. My dad-in-law and husband work together in their joinery factory and nana is their bookkeeper.

My husband arrived home and collected us to go to the hospital. She requested a magazine and food to eat. Doctor forgotten to write on her report she is allowed to eat and the nurses couldn't give her any food until they received the doctor's approval at 2pm. She ate a very bland sandwich, a little too late as a terrible migraine was emerging.

When I walked in my heart raced and I tried to put on my brave face. Seeing a family member you love in a terrible condition is a shock.
We are all aware our parents are ageing, but you're never prepared to see them in a hospital bed. I am aware she still has many years ahead and I pray to God the recovery will be quick to see her back in her own home.
I kept thinking how much I wanted to hug my mum and dad, I wanted to feel their arms wrapped around me and I made sure I rang them when I arrived home. My hugs from my parents won't be until Christmas as they live in Queensland, but hearing my mum's voice is comforting.

The whole experience made me more grateful of her (and including my family and close friends) - she is well; I always thank her for the help she does for me and I will endeavour to do more for her. It's her second day in hospital will be receiving rehabilitation, more drawings from Miss 3, more magazines and more visits always cheers the sick up.

I am aware of the families who have to go through more hardship and I am thinking of you all. This only makes us stronger and bond closer as a family.
And remember everyone: be grateful for the littlest things everyday because you never know what life throws at you. Now, go and make that phone call to your family or friends...

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  • di @ lime&soda
    November 5, 2014 - 8:20 pm

    Lovely post Astrid. My mum has recently had back surgery, and has a long road to recovery…so I know exactly where you are writing this from. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

    • Astrid
      November 6, 2014 - 8:09 am

      Hi Di, I hope your mum is much better. We’re never prepared for this and despite the worry, stress and selflessness, our relationship progresses in to another level.

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