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Flashback Friday

Welcome back to my first Friday at Adore Re Mi. Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing or rockin' Christmas and New Year.

Year 1999

My first flashback song of the year is ideal for summer and in Australia, we are having a very hot one. It is:
Smooth by Santana ft Rob Thomas (click to listen and watch the clip) Album: Supernatural,  Cover Design:

Smooth is sung and written by Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. He wrote the song to his wife Marisol- how romantic! If you listen to the first verse of the song, you can imagine what Aussies are going through.

Who is Santana? Mexican born Carlos Santana started out with his band in San Francisco in 1967 as a latin rock band. When he was young his greatest influence was rock n roll legend Ritchie Valens (La Bamba) who was one of the few who played rock in his time.
Santana is a one of the best guitarist of his time and got to play at Woodstock Festival in 1969 (one place I would travel back in time for) where he received international recognition. He broke the main stream of the latino music from more traditional latino music to rock latino as the people in the 60's were becoming more liberated from the oppression.
Today at age 67, he is still an active musician who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998, the year before he won 9 Grammy awards with his album Supernatural.

Santana, Supernatural

Enjoy your weekend! blog signature

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1977.

This is my favourite album of all time. When I first heard it at my friend's house, after celebrating new year, I recognised all the songs not realising it was from the same group. Since then I played it many times including on vinyl and never get tired of listening to their heart felt songs.

I went to see them live years ago and was sitting in the nose bleed section; with only Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and Linsey Buckingham performing, Fleetwood Mac was not disappointing especially when everyone in the venue got up and danced. I did read there will be a reunion concert which would include Christine McVie and John McVie re-joining the group after decades of separation. This concert will be a sell out as more songs will be included like Sweet Dreams sung by Christine.

The release of the album Rumours was the most successful for Fleetwood Mac, making it one of the best selling albums of all times. This was because the songs were written by the band members about their tumultuous relationships, writing songs with personal meaning. Very few bands can stay together through break ups and produced a world-wide successful album.

Enough reading and more about the song. Click here to listen to Don't Stop.

Fleetwood Mac, Rumors

Band: Fleetwood Mac  Album: Rumours  Song: Don't Stop Album artwork credits: Desmond Strobel, Larry Vigon and Herbert Worthington.


Flashback Friday

Year 2000

Before Fergie joined the Black Eyed Peas group, the boys:, and Taboo formed their group in 1992. The boys released 2 albums before they were noticed internationally. It wasn't until 2000 when they released 'Bridging the Gap' album when music fans took noticed.

Their song 'Weekends' went one number in Australia.  Kim Hill was the female singer had left the group. Later Fergie joined the group for their popular album Elephunk, 2003.


This is my favourite song of all the Black Eyed Peas being an RnB style and of course being about the weekend!

Have an awesome long weekend Sydney and to the rest have an awesome weekend too.

Click here to listen up to Black Eyed Peas, Weekends

Black Eyed Peas

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1968

I love a good song to belt out into my hairbrush. One that makes me feel empowered, like a superstar.

O.K, maybe I'm going a little too far with my imagination, but let's face it, who doesn't like to pretend you're a rock star or diva in front of your mirror or pretend centre stage in the middle of your lounge while you vacuum or dust. Just as long as the curtains are closed so you don't get caught out by the neighbours.

Which brings me to today's song. This song sung by 'the diva' herself Aretha Franklin and it's called Think. The song became popular again from the popular movie, The Blues Brothers.

Grab a brush, highlighter (if you're at your desk) or remote control and click here to sing it like Aretha. (This is a Spotify link, easy to connect with if you haven't and it's a fantastic music site to join.) If you want to view it on You Tube, click here for The Blues Brother version.

Aretha Franklin

Gimme freedom!

Enjoy your weekend. Adore Re Mi

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1983

The year Ash Wednesday engulfed homes in South Australia and Victoria; Flashdance & Return of the Jedi opened in cinemas; the Australian dollar note is replaced by a gold coin;  El Niño brings its severe weather around the world, is now called La Niña; and the year Michael Jackson's Thriller album hit number one, becoming his most successful album ever.

There is no doubt Michael Jackson is a music legend and he is recognisable in any generation, from the 1960's (Jackson 5) to today. Two of my favourite Michael Jackson albums are Off The Wall (1979) and Thiller. I played these tapes until the ribbon snapped, something we don't have to worry about these days.

The song I chose today is Wanna Be Startin' Somthin'. MJ wrote this song for his sister La Toya about her anguished relationship with her sister-in-laws and how people started rumours or exaggerated the truth to cause pain for no good reason.

Click here to listen. Please note: Because the uncertainty of songs on You Tube (some are taken off due to copyright), I am streaming through Spotify. It is free to join up and it's easy to navigate. You can save your songs without loosing any on your list. Hope you don't mind.

Michael Jackson- Thriller

Enjoy your weekend. And don't forget this Monday's post is the finished result of my chiffonier refurb.

Flashback Friday

Year 2001

Keeping today's post short and sweet. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spread Your Love seem fitting to my last post and I like this band from San Francisco. Click here to listen.

BRMC, Spread Your Love

Have a great weekend and see you all for Monday's post, it will about a project I've been working on the last month.

Enjoy your weekend!