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15 Stylish and Simple Christmas Ideas

15 Stylish & Simple Christmas Ideas via Adore Re Mi

We are already busy with family and work, and it's no wonder we stress so easily during the festive season having to buy presents, decorate the home and cook for the family! Ideally we would like to make everything look perfect and nice so I am giving you a heads start with 15 stylish and simple Christmas ideas you can use. Just remember the golden rule, keep it simple and easy!

I was trying to keep it to 12 ideas but there are so many I had to add another three.

I saw this simple idea and made it with neon coloured paper, grass green ribbon and wash tape. Kids will love to help out too!

Via Kickcan & Conkers

How easy is this! I did this for my wedding using ribbon and craft glue, I wish wash tape was available 8 years ago!



You don't always have to buy Christmas themed wrapping paper. I always buy brown or white wrapping paper and dress it up with left over paper with ribbon or twine. Print out these cute labels via Tomfo

Christmas decoration found in Buzznet

gift wrapping via Boxwood Clippings

Beautifully wrapped and photo worthy. It would be ashamed to open them up.. Nah! You can use your signature colour to personalise it. via Boxwood Clippings


Although it might be messy with the glitter, it sure looks cute to make. Decorate your tree or use it as a present/gift label. via Creature Comforts

Martha Stewart, Holiday jars

Martha extends her holiday jar idea to make it look more effective using wire lights to light it up. You can do without the lighting and use the salt as the snow and an ornament. via Martha Stewart

NordicElvesFeature by Nadine Reeves

Love being able to recycle/re-use. Buy felt & craft glue from your local craft supply shop and write a message for these cute Nordic feel advent calendar idea designed by Nadine Reeves

christmas-tree-napkin-fold-collage by Handimania

This is such a great idea. Make the napkins your main feature on your table, this emits so much clutter on the table. I know because I get carried away decorating mine! How to fold instructions via Handimania

ChristmasTableSetting_thumbYour napkins will look great on an uncluttered Christmas table. It's quick and simple especially when your time should be used hosting your guests or cooking! Vases and extras can be bought from your $2 shop. via Finding Home

Watermelon Christmas trees

Our national summer fruit is the watermelon (we love mangoes but it's a little tricky to make shapes.) Use a shaped cookie cutter. The kids, and big kids too will devour it. found in What About Watermelon

Sweet Scarlet

This Holly cupcakes don't look too hard to decorate, as long as you get to kiss a boy or girl. via Sweet Scarlet

Hot Mama's Cake via FB

You have the cupcake touch, maybe these cute cupcakes can inspire you to get creative. It's the trickiest to do but I had to put this cute designs on the list. Check out her FB page via Hot Mama's Cake

Better Home and Gardens

Another easy to do decoration on your cookie or cupcakes via Better Homes and Garden

Raspberry Limocello ProseccoAnd lastly, we can't have a festival season without a refreshing drink (perfect for the Southern hemisphere.) This easy to make drink  recipe is by Damn Delicious.  Non-alcoholic? Homemade raspberry/strawberry lemonade here

I hope I set your creative bug off with the 15 Christmas ideas,. The idea is to see something you like and interpret it your own way and to have fun. Have a good week and I see you on the next post- wrapping gifts inspiration mood board by me!

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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Two different BABY SHOWER IDEAS with a different set up and games to play, but there are traditions you keep like finger sandwiches, the baby shower cake. Not to forget a refreshing drink and tea or coffee.


This first idea is fresh, modern and minimalist. You can't go wrong keeping it simple and adding unique touches like the heart shape watermelon, homemade cake and cupcakes. The girls who organised this baby shower did a wonderful job. The friend who baked a vanilla and raspberry cake did an amazing job (anyone who bakes cakes knows how tricky it can be) and  it was delicious, finishing off with a hot coffee or tea!

The games played were 'guess how many mini marshmallows are in the big baby bottle' & a race to think of girls names from A to Z & lastly 'who could guess the cheapest to expensive baby list'.

The day finished off wonderfully and everyone enjoyed themselves, the ones who stayed on to help clean had extra cake and cupcakes, well at least I did!

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi



Congrats to my sister-in-law who is due late January, cannot wait to meet your little princess.



Second baby shower is a nesting bird vintage theme. Tables filled with vintage inspired decoration, metallic bird cage and paper butterflies.

The kitchen was filled with old vintage cups, ready for tea to be poured in for a cuppa with a scone. The butterflies were an idea from grand-nana who passed away since, always crafting away.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Home-made scones, cookies, butterfly cupcakes and finger sandwiches filled the table.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


The courtyard was decorated with a mural made painted on packing paper, inspired by Australian artist Thea Proctor. The lanterns are much easier to ensemble and hung with fishing wire.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Close-up of the mural.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Outdoor table decorated with the nesting bird theme as inside.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

The two bird cages were bought on eBay and filled with fresh flowers to make it stand out.
Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiThe baby shower pram cake was baked by a family member.


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiGames played included 'pin the sperm to the egg' & race to unscramble words & who can guess the size of the mother's belly. The ONLY time a woman would allow this!

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiIndoor wall murals, drawn on packing paper with butterflies stuck on.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiClose-up of the mural.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiIn the kitchen ready to be served, one sugar or two?

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiBeautiful vintage teacups make any guest feel special.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiAnd lastly, thank you gifts. These gorgeous pram boxes and mini babies were bought separately on eBay. I have seen the mini babies in party shops.


So there you have it. Two very different baby showers, one from a modern mum and the other who loves old style vintage. Hope you got something out of this and love to know your baby shower party memories- what was a stand out you remember?

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Easter Inspirations

When there is children about, you can't help being apart of the Easter celebrations like the great easter egg hunt. But you don't have to have kids to enjoy easter, you can gather close friends over a brunch and create a lovely floral centre piece or bake cupcakes for work.

To get you inspired, I collected 6 of my favourite easter creations from my Pinterest boards (want more ideas, check out my Pinterest boards here).

Have a wonderful easter holiday and hope you get to nibble on lots of chocolates!




Happy Easter from Adore Re Mi.

Clockwise: Torie Jayne- bunny jars, Does Meadow- curious little bunny pots, Moje Wypicki- bunny face cupcakes, B-Movie Star- floral arrangement, Everything Emily- Miffy treat bag, Pillsbury- bunny butt cookies.