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Australia Day playlist and party ideas.

Australia Day playlist & party ideas


26th of January is Australia Day. The first arrival of the first fleet from Great Britain commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788.

Today, we celebrate our diverse culture, our environment, music and sports along with many other Aussie achievements. What makes the day more Aussie is getting together over a BBQ or alfresco lunch (eating outdoors) with all your friends or as we say 'mates'.
So today's post I have compiled a list of Aussie songs for you to compliment your get together. I have:

  • Sia
  • Big Pig
  • The Temper Trap
  • Boom Crash Opera
  • Screaming Jets
  • Diesel
  • Cut Copy and many, many more.

A mixing bowl of Aussie artist you may forgotten from the past to the contemporary . How do you get to my song list is by clicking here or here
(Note: you need to join up with Spotify. It's free and easy to follow so you can find my hit list.)



Now for the fun BBQ/party ideas and beautiful inspiring Aussie photos:

Max Dupain, Sunbaker

The famous Aussie 1937 photo by Max Dupain, The Sunbaker.

Cameron Herweynen

This beautiful portrait of an aboriginal child is taken by Cameron Herweynen.

aust-day-collage-2Love this setting. Alfresco dining a la Australian way. Styling by Karen Locke, Photo credit by Creative Image. More pics to come...

The Design Files:Katie QuinnYou can't beat an ice-cold drink. via The Design Files, Katie Quinn.

Lamb rolls with tzatzikiLamb chops, lamb sausages how about minced lamb rolls (Greek koftas) with tzatziki. Mouth watering! via SBS

australiaday_party_065Another photo from stylist Karen Locke. This setting has the old Australian country charm.

Chris HemsworthWhoops! How did this photo get here? Happy Australia Day Chris.

australiaday_party_085Anzac biscuits and a cuppa of Bushells tea. You can't get more aussie than that. Honoury mentions to Tim Tams and Iced Vovos. Stylist Karen Locke. For more of Karen's beautiful styling work click here.

mini_pavlovas2Easy to make pavola with blueberries and pomangrant. Love this vibrant colours of blue, red and white. via A Sweet Muddle site full of beautiful food photography.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.56.10 pmAnother pavola creation and this one will impress your guests. Via A Little Delightful

Summer cocktail via Table For TwoAnd lastly, we can't forget a summery drink. This one is delish, find the recipe on Table for Two

For the kids:

Gold & Green fruit skewers Kids love fruit in summer. Gold and green skewers, freeze them to make it extra cold. Found on Pinterest.

Australia Day masksI love this candid photo of the children wearing these Australia Day masks, (it looks easy to make you need: foam, felt or thick cardboard for the mask, felt for the noses and to finish off, cotton wool and feathers and elastic. Supplies via your local craft shop.) photo credit The Woman's Day. It reminds me of this..

May GibbsWattle babies by May Gibbs (1877-1969). Australia's famous illustrator from her book- The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Sugarland cupcakesAren't these adorable by Sugarland Cupcakes. I couldn't eat one, too precious!

 To print out Australia Day colouring sheets click here. Lots to choose from for a bit of quiet time.

That is all from me. Happy Australia Day to everyone around the world. Don't forget my Aussie Day song list to play!

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My Hot Trip to Queensland.

My Hot Trip to Queensland.

I have lived on the Gold Coast for 2 years and I got to know the place more intimately. It's not just the seedy Cavill Ave which only awakens at night and sleeps in the day; or the bikies causing havoc over their imported businesses (yeah right); but watching the place grow up from a small city into a modern, high rising city, catering for everyone from locals to travellers.

When I moved back to Sydney, I knew I would visit the Goldie regularly as my parents stayed on to retire. I didn't think I'd miss this place until my parents moved to Maryborough, 335 km or 4 hours drive north from the Goldie.
I was a little disappointed they moved (again! my parents have the 7-10 year moving itch) to a town further away. No more cheap flights tickets to GC throughout the year. So I'm being a little selfish because my parents moved into a an old Queenslander home with a big yard and walking distance to the shops, RSL and aquatic centre, compared to a little villa not close to the shops and having to pay $$ to body corp. I guess I will miss the last minute plans to jump in a plane and see my mum. Oh boo hoo me!

Now I have heard of the World Hertiage listed Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island a place you can 4WD and camp or stay in a cottage or resort. An ideal place for everyone's budget. Hervey Bay is where you launch off to the beautiful island or go whale watching (mid-July to mid-November).
Because of the lack of time over Christmas and the summer heat (and the fact I'm pregnant and can't tolerate 30*c plus humidity), we didn't visit Hervey Bay or Fraser Island... yet! This is on our list to visit this year.

The best flights for a family is direct. With a 31/2-year-old in tow with very little patience, we didn't want to stop over in Brisbane. Perhaps with better planning and the silly season over, we will stop in Brisvegas to see friends and sights of this city for an overnight stay.
After 1 hour and 40 minutes, we arrived on Hervey Bay turf and it was hot! Like you can cook an egg on the tarmac hot or hot like watching Magic Mike hot. It took a 30 minutes to shuttle bus it to Maryborough. Ah bless the A/C. Driving through the town was really lovely. I never knew the town has so much history with old homes and buildings to match. More facts and info later.

Enjoying the inflight entertainment

Above: Miss Cheeky enjoying the inflight entertainment. How cold is it onboard!

Below: On the day of our arrival, my parents booked us on a Christmas lights bus tour. We got to meet some of the home owners who offered us food and treats. Great way to start our Christmas break.


Below: We stopped by a Vintage Christmas exhibition showcasing these beauties. Mince pies and homemade lemon aid was served free!


My dad still uses his 1 tonne sewing machine.




Christmas morning with two of my favourite people. Sitting in the coolest part of the house. The heat was overwhelming, I waddled around with heavy, swollen feet with my mouth open like a bird. Elsa dolls were sold out so Cinderella saved Christmas. Phew!


Christmas Day. Miss Cheeky working hard for a bit of water fun.

Below: Boxing Day at the Maryborough aquatic centre. Dad slip, slop and a slapping, no wonder she hates sunscreen on her face. For me passionfruit slurpies while sitting in the kiddy's pool was the best mix to cool down a pregnant gal.


Our proudest moment, Miss Cheeky swimming underwater. Here she is commanding dad to go further back.


Practicing her vertical diving or walking on water!


One proud mama. I learned to swim alone when I was 8! My parents aren't strong swimmers and I never knew any of my friends back in the 80's who took swimming lessons.


Below: Second last day of our holiday, we took a visit to the City Hall to see the Explore-a-saurus. We enjoyed it more than the Dino exhibition at Sydney museum.


No queues and no big crowds here. We loved the camouflage photo set, maybe I enjoyed it more than everyone. As for the exhibition, we were very impressed, it's on until April 2105.


Shhh! Where did they go?


An activity room for kids and 3 year olds crafting out Dino masks.


O.k my last camo shot. Born to be wild.


Our last day amongst family. Miss Cheeky took this photo just as the shuttle bus arrived.

2 Facts and website info on Maryborough:

1) This is the best one, did you know Mary Poppins creator Pamela Lyndon Travers was born in an existing building in Maryborough in 1899? To get to know more on Pamela, you must watch Disney's Saving Mr Banks. I saw the movie in cinema last year and I loved it. You will see Mary Poppins in a different light.

2) Brisbane beat Maryborough to become capital city of Queensland. During the 1800's Maryborough was a port of entry to immigrants arriving as the city sits on the Mary River.

More info on where to stay, what to do (so much to do!) check it out here

To finish up on my trip : 6 days wasn't enough but I'm lucky to be able to go back and visit my parents. My hot trip to Queensland was worth it and I'm excited to discover more of this historical city in the near future and visit my lovely parents again; I'm hoping this is their last move.
Lastly, I want to send my thoughts out to people in South Adelaide who are going through such hardship from the bush fires. I will donate to help out those in need and who lost everything. If you like to donate please click here

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Creative Baby Announcements

Creative baby announcements by Adore Re Mi


When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided on a easy and most popular way to announce my exciting news. I uploaded my baby scan picture, added a few words like 'yes this is mine/ours!' and press post. And like every mum the thrill of sharing the news to your family and friends is heart warming.

3 years later and I am pregnant with my second. I didn't want to announce my baby news until I was in my second trimester, I felt it was the safest time to tell the news. It took me a while to accept my second pregnancy as I had a rough start to the year having 2 miscarriages (I will write my personal story to share with you soon). When my bump started showing, I began to feel more connected, excited and creative again.

So once my happy vibe slowly came back, I wanted to do a creative baby announcement to share with all my friends and family, using my 'big girl' daughter as the announcer. And here is the result:

baby announcementMy daughter isn't a camera poser and when she is, my camera goes crazy, snapping away at her. During the day at Sculpture by the Sea, I took advantage, taking photos of Miss 3 and hoped one of the pictures can be used as the one. And to my surprise, this photo looked super hero-ish.

Luckily Picmonkey- a great site to jazz up your photos, designs, invitations etc, had a superhero theme and I played with the theme until I was happy.

So I got myself thinking what other baby announcements can be created without spending a cent and look over flashy. Personally I like the modern, fresh, not too busy designs where the photo tells the story like this one and that one.

So I stayed on Picmonkey a little longer and designed the following, NOT to sell but to give you some ideas and inspirations using emotions like adoration/love; amazement; acceptance; unhappiness/non-accepting. Guess which emotion fits to each photo...

Baby announcement 2



baby announcement 3



baby announcement 5


And lastly, when the baby arrives and you want to do something different, baby shoes are the way to go to melt EVERYONE's hearts, like fluffy cute announcement 4


I've kept all photos basic and simple, a starting point to create your own. Have fun or suggest this post to a friend or family who is stuck for ideas... blog signature

Sculpture By The Sea

This weekend is the last of Sculpture By The Sea. I went with my husband and Miss 3 who enjoyed it the most, it's a great place to go with your kids who got a better understanding of the artwork than we do.

The highlight was walking along the Bronte to Bondi coastal walk with spectular views of the ocean. Each beach has a kiosk, sausage sizzle, toilets and free water. For the kids, playground and ice-cream. The downfall was the crowds, because we had Miss 3 walk her slow pace my husband carried her on her shoulders most of the way. She always insisted to get down to look at the artworks and explore the area so it's stop and go along the way. I recommend to leave the pram/stroller in your car if you possibly can or if you do bring it make sure it's easy to fold or carry as there are lots of stairs to climb.

The best advice? Park you car in Bondi Junction and catch the bus in. More info here. We drove in believing we WILL find parking and ended up parking 15min away from Bronte beach park. The walk was beautiful going through a public pathway with a creek running through it; discovering parts of Sydney is always the best. Tamarama beach was the next stop and it's the best place for the kids, just make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat. Forgotten your sunscreen? The surf club supplies it with a coin donation. We finished up at Mark's Park, Bondi and thought doing the walk from Bronte to Bondi (click here for info) was the best choice as the reward was at Mark's Park- Sugar Cane juice on a hot day, so refreshing!

We were exhausted from the heat of the sun which is why it's best to go in early or later in the afternoon. The best part going in the afternoon, if you stay until twilight not only do you get the amazing sunset golden hour, you also get to see some of the sculptures lit up for night time and the crowd lessens. No kids? Bondi has great restaurants and bars to check out.

Adore Re MiBronte Beach, Sydney, Australia. We started our walk from here.

Adore Re MiTamarama Beach, where the fun begins. Sculptures are on the beach and grass area and continues after the surf club. Don't forget to buy a catalogue.

Adore Re MiAndrew Hankin, We're fryin' out here

Adore Re MiDistant photo of Alejandro Propato, Permanent sunrise.

Adore Re Mi
Adore Re Mi


Adore Re MiMikaela Castledine, Gift of the rhino.

Adore Re MiGeoffery Drake-Brockman, Counter. My husband making his entry through the counter. Miss 3 was only interested with  her paper cups.

Adore Re MiThe iconic Tamarama surf club still looking good. We ate our sausage sizzle here before we marched on..

Adore Re MiMy favourite sculpture by Koichi Ishino, Wind stone- the threshold of consciousness.

Adore Re MiClose-up

Adore Re MiA children's favourite, L. Matthews in collaboration with Carterwilliamson, Coast totem.

Adore Re MiWang Shugang, Men playing with birds (2012)

Adore Re MiAnother beauty, Harrie Fasher, Which way forwards? Close-up of the head.

Adore Re MiAs we entered Mark's Park, Bondi we saw this amazing structure. Cave Urban, Save our souls. Side view.

Adore Re Mi Worm view inside, Save our souls.

Adore Re MiThe crowd's favourite- Michael Greve, Breaching (2004). Made out of red gum.

Adore Re MiKens Unsworth AM, My house is your home. Out of reach from the kids.

Adore Re MiCoffee break? The Grounds by the Sea. The queue was too long for us so we had...
Adore Re Mi... sugar cane juice with pineapple, our perfect reward after a bathroom break!


So don't forget this weekend, 9th November is the last weekend, a great way to see Sydney.

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When someone you love falls.

Monday I announced to the rest of my family and friends I am pregnant.

Tuesday was a day I needed stay at home with my 3 year old. What I wasn't expecting was a phone call from my husband early morning to say his mum had an accident and may have had broken her pelvic bone.

'Oh no, not pelvic bone!' I thought to myself, that's a long and painful recovery. Later in the day, I was told it was a pubic bone fracture, still painful but not as bad as the broken bone.

As I looked in my diary, I had penciled in for Wednesday- day out with nana. Nana is my mum-in-law and a close friend. We chat about everything and give each other advice. Yes, I am one of the few lucky women to marry into a family I love very much as my own.
I don't regard them as 'in-laws' only by introduction.

Nana is an amazing women who does so much for her family and friends. A reliable and loyal lady who drops everything for you when you need help and always extends her hand.
She bakes the most amazing cheesecakes, scones and apple & rhubarb crumble for all to share. I am not one to enjoy shopping but her truthful advice is Godsend, never going home with an ill fitted clothing. Her patience with my daughter only makes her a loveable nana who gives out treats and always empathises with the sick.

Thankfully, she was with a neighbour when she fell down the backyard stairs and an ambulance was called. It's frightening to think how this could have been worse, lying in pain alone crying out for help.
Her husband left work immediately to be by her side. My dad-in-law and husband work together in their joinery factory and nana is their bookkeeper.

My husband arrived home and collected us to go to the hospital. She requested a magazine and food to eat. Doctor forgotten to write on her report she is allowed to eat and the nurses couldn't give her any food until they received the doctor's approval at 2pm. She ate a very bland sandwich, a little too late as a terrible migraine was emerging.

When I walked in my heart raced and I tried to put on my brave face. Seeing a family member you love in a terrible condition is a shock.
We are all aware our parents are ageing, but you're never prepared to see them in a hospital bed. I am aware she still has many years ahead and I pray to God the recovery will be quick to see her back in her own home.
I kept thinking how much I wanted to hug my mum and dad, I wanted to feel their arms wrapped around me and I made sure I rang them when I arrived home. My hugs from my parents won't be until Christmas as they live in Queensland, but hearing my mum's voice is comforting.

The whole experience made me more grateful of her (and including my family and close friends) - she is well; I always thank her for the help she does for me and I will endeavour to do more for her. It's her second day in hospital will be receiving rehabilitation, more drawings from Miss 3, more magazines and more visits always cheers the sick up.

I am aware of the families who have to go through more hardship and I am thinking of you all. This only makes us stronger and bond closer as a family.
And remember everyone: be grateful for the littlest things everyday because you never know what life throws at you. Now, go and make that phone call to your family or friends...

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Halloween Ideas by Adore Re MiSince I was a kid I was and still fascinated with all things spooky. I love reading witches and ghouls, ( zombie eyes I hate since watching the movie 28 days Later.) When you grow in a friendly haunted house you become used to the sounds, personally I thought it was the house creaking but my mum thought differently. She heard someone walking through our hallway, even our visitors felt a strange vibe. But my mum made me feel safe and not to be afraid. I grew up 'too fond of the stars to be afraid of the dark' (Galileo). So I haven't actually seen a 'ghost' but I believe there is more than our presence existing.

Halloween is a memorable time of year for me, dressing up in character and visiting your neighbours for treats. My parents never celebrated it but allowed me and my friends to have fun. Last year my daughter and I dressed up for halloween along with our American neighbour and her two daughters. We didn't go trick or treating as the children were too young so we went to our local pizza restaurant. She told me how the Americans celebrate it and I am certain I will visit America during their halloween festival and to Mexico to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos too.

I did this mini photo montage of halloween crafts that are easy and some simple to do from my collection of all SPOOKY things here. You will find lots more inspiration..

Credits and info:

Top: Banana ghost and mandarin pumpkins, found on Princess Pink Girl.

Small top: Ghost Cookies using an upside down tulip cookie cutter made by Make Me Cake Me.

Small bottom: Halloween hand treats using a clear disposable glove tied with a ribbon created by The Queens Card Castle.

Middle: Halloween door, great way to make a spooky impression and inviting too! Photo by Tara Donne via

Bottom left: Frankenstein marshmallow pops, easy to make and you can change the character according to the theme of the party. Tutoril and created by Craft-O-Maniac.

Bottom right: Pumpkin lanterns, you can buy lanterns, craft paper from the dollar shop. Easy and quick to do. Via Martha Stewart.

This is my final third Halloween post. If you missed the first two, you can check it out here and here . Hope you all have fun and be frightfully good. Happy Halloween to all! Adore Re Mi.


Want more ghoulish ideas, I have spooky stuff from my friends who enjoy halloween as much as I do, check it out!

Boiled Eggs & SoldiersBoiled Eggs & Soldiers decorated her home with mummy poppers, ghosts and pumpkins. She has lots more ideas from halloween too. Look here

Pink Post It Note Recipes To SaveDeliciously creepy Spider Choc Chip Cookies and read up about where halloween began via Pink Post It Note Recipes To Save.

Buy these from Sugar StationIf you love visiting candy/lolly shops as much as I do then you must check out Sugar Station. You can purchase Bertie Bott's Beans and Bean Boozled!

Mummy mason jarsMum Of Five Girls has more great craft ideas like the mummy mason jars, check it out here.

A kid-friendly Halloween party by Stay At Home TerritoryStay At Home Territory has planned and organised a halloween party for her kids. Lots of great ideas! Check it out here