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Hook, line and sinker.

I've never fished nor do I eat it, up until I met my husband as fishing is in his blood. In fact his dad still goes fishing every weekend.  So you can imagine the awkward moment when my husband said to his family I don't eat fish? (Whose the stinker sinker now?) Well didn't that make a good conversation starter? We settled with a fishing trip as I was willing to try. At least if I catch a fish, they can eat it, (I don't like the taste and I have tried all types.)

Since having my daughter, I didn't want her to grow up disliking the taste of fish and thankfully she enjoys her nana's grilled flathead and sushi too. And as for fishing, I enjoy the odd fishing days with my family and I am amazed how keen and curious Miss Cheeky is to fish.

Fishing is  a wonderful way to bond a friendship and teaches you about patience and the art of fishing e.g location, the types of lures, time of tides, the jigging and the reward of reeling in a fish to be proud of.

The funny part is that Miss Cheeky likes to share her dinner of fish with me, I reply with a  'mmm oh thank you but mummy is full. I'm sure daddy will love it more!' And boy does he ever.

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