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Flashback Friday- Australia Day Special

Year 2006.

My Flashback Friday Australia Day Special is an up-beat dance group-  Sneaky Sound System. Formed in 2001, it wasn't until 2004, vocalist Connie Mitchell joined the group with Black Angus.

Today's song is Pictures from their album UFO. Click here to listen and watch the video clip

Don't forget my Aussie Day playlist from my recent post Australia Day playlist & party ideas. Click here to listen.
Note: Joining up to Spotify is easy and free. You can find my playlist via slapmypony.

Sneaky Sound System, Pictures

Happy Australia Day to everyone around the world.

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Flashback Friday

Year 1986.

Another summer song would have been good, but I got to keep my Flashback Friday unpredictable. I love music , the ones that take you to a memory that could have been faded out. This is why I love music so much, it reminds you of the good, bad and the heartbreaking times. It can transform you to become a singer while you clean your home, a rocker while you wait for the bus or a bad-ass rapper walking down the street to corner store. It's all good feelings from a single song your listening.

Today's classic 80's song is a rendition from the original The Supreme's version, You Keep Me Hangin' On. Kim Wilde and her music produce brother hadn't heard much of the original song and re-create it to a pop/hi-NRG song which peaked in Australia and the U.S & No 3 in her native homeland U.K . I remember this too well, watching it on Video Hits.

Artist: Kim Wilde
Song: You Keep Me Hangin' On
Album: Another Step

Click here to listen

Kim Wilde, You Keep Me Hangin' On

Flashback Friday

Welcome back to my first Friday at Adore Re Mi. Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing or rockin' Christmas and New Year.

Year 1999

My first flashback song of the year is ideal for summer and in Australia, we are having a very hot one. It is:
Smooth by Santana ft Rob Thomas (click to listen and watch the clip) Album: Supernatural,  Cover Design:

Smooth is sung and written by Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. He wrote the song to his wife Marisol- how romantic! If you listen to the first verse of the song, you can imagine what Aussies are going through.

Who is Santana? Mexican born Carlos Santana started out with his band in San Francisco in 1967 as a latin rock band. When he was young his greatest influence was rock n roll legend Ritchie Valens (La Bamba) who was one of the few who played rock in his time.
Santana is a one of the best guitarist of his time and got to play at Woodstock Festival in 1969 (one place I would travel back in time for) where he received international recognition. He broke the main stream of the latino music from more traditional latino music to rock latino as the people in the 60's were becoming more liberated from the oppression.
Today at age 67, he is still an active musician who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998, the year before he won 9 Grammy awards with his album Supernatural.

Santana, Supernatural

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Flashback Friday Special: New Year Song List

Adore RE Mi's

I collected all my Flashback Friday songs into one special annual New Year Song List via Spotify, plus some extras to get you grooving and a moving.  It's 2 hrs worth of songs from my Flashback Friday posts. From the early 50's to 00's, I can guarantee there are many you will love or forgotten!

Now for the set-up. If you are using Spotify, this list should automatically play when clicked. If you haven't join Spotify, it's easy, straight forward and worth it! You can create your own song list too. So please click to listen and enjoy.

Adore Re Mi Flashback Friday songlist

Have a wonderful start to the NEW YEAR for 2015 with great health, happiness and love not war. Let's not forget to call our friends without their families or friends and make them smile.
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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Year 1990.

I'm still continuing the Aussie Flashback Friday from last week. One band wasn't enough, I wanted to add Australia's most popular pint size export- Kylie Minogue.

As a kid I was a Neighbours fan (Aussie TV show), when Charlene and Scott were just friends. Then their wedding became the most watched episode on TV in the 80's.
She left the show to become a singer like her younger sister Danni (my favourite Young Talent Time member, so wanted her and Vinnie to get together!) It was unfortunate for Danni who never succeeded as far as her sister; but after the 'Loco-Motion' song went to number one, Kylie's success began. O.k so we Aussies were a little rough with her, nicknaming her 'the singing budgie', she proved to us with much of her success in the U.K and dating Michael from INXS, she wasn't going to fade and still performing better than ever.

So today I chose a song I loved and the rest of the gay community too. My favourite album was Impossible Princess but I can't help and boogie to her old school pop.

Kylie, Better The Devil You Know

Kylie Minogue – Better the Devil You Know

Click here to watch the video

Note: The main link is from Spotify. Please join up, it's easy and free. My song lists for Christmas and New Year will be on this website, so join up now to avoid any delay! I am not affiliated with Spotify, just like the website.

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Flashback Friday

Friday Flashback 1987.

O.k I feel ashamed. I'm Aussie and I haven't posted any Australian songs and yet there are so many I remember from the year 1987, Kylie Minogue, Locomotion; Ice House, Electric Blue and Crazy; John Farnham, Pressure Down; Midnight Oil, Beds are Burning and Hoodoo Gurus, What's My Scene.

So today's Flashback Friday is from INXS. I first took noticed of the band with their Kick album. Hit after hit of songs we still enjoy today. I taped much of their music from the radio, stopping right on cue before the radio announcer spoke from Take 40 (fist pump moment).

I chose two songs to make up for my lack of Aussie music pride. Click either one to listen.

Need you tonight

New Sensation

INXS, Kick

Album design: Nick Egan- art direction & design, Grant Matthews- photography.


Next week I have a another popular Aussie so stay tuned. Have a great weekend and if your shopping, don't forget to check out my Christmas gift ideas for everyone. Have a great weekend everyone!

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