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Sexy Hair Styles

So it's the new year and you want to get organise, get healthy and perhaps do sometime new to yourself. Manicures and pedicures are great to polish off your look, but what about hair? Maybe a sexy hair style mightn't  been thought about.
Now you don't need to go for the big chop, perm or major colour change; long or short lengths, you can style it by teasing your hair and gently pulling it back to a ponytail or bun/knot & don't forget to hairspray it to keep it in place. Why not give the ironing tongs a workout? Great if you want to keep it simple with a polished look by smoothing it out or messy with waves by curling it (you can You Tube or even better, ask your hairdresser for a mini tutor, shouldn't be extra cost).
A fringe is effective if you're willing enough. Blunt fringes might be a little extra work in summer, best when the season gets cooler as your hair doesn't get too greasy (bobby pins can be a solution.) or have it swept to the side  if you not ready for a blunt look.
And lastly the accessories-  hair clips, hair bands or different colour bobby pins as seen below can make it interesting and great way to hide any bumps or hold it in place. Best time to work on your hair is planning ahead, make an appointment with a recommended stylist or do a-do under pressure so you don't over-work on your hair as much. Have a go!
For more inspirations for short, long hair styles and makeup click here
  Sexy hair styles

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