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Why I blog and how it started.

Why I blog & How it started via Adore Re Mi


Note: I am not a professional blogger (I am slowly working towards it) and the advice I am giving is from my experience. It's about why I blog, which blog school I been with, what I've learned and done so far. Just happy to share my blog love to you.

The very beginning:
Early 2013, I started out with Pip Lincolne's Just B Blog School. Pip is Australia's craft queen of Meet Me at Mikes and has written successful & inspiring books. When Pip started #amonthof during the blog school, I joined in the fun following the daily photographic prompts. I stayed on for months seeking inspirations to take my daily photos, here I decided my blog can be a place to showcase my photos but being a perfectionists I wanted to take better photos and improve my skills. Pip has a in-depth blog school on her Meet Me At Mike's website but if you want to start from the beginning, check out Just B Blog School. Pip is awesome!

All in the name:
During this time I played with my favourite words using a mind map and finally chose the name Adore Re Mi by mixing up words together, the song do re mi is from my favourite movie Sound Of Music and 'adore' is from the love of the french language (I can speak Spanish and learning french is on my bucket list.)
My blog stayed on untouched for a long time as I was nervous to write or know what 'niche' I belonged to, all excuses to not blog! it was a matter of doing some research from the web.  Finally my blog went live, no longer on the private setting (WordPress) with lots of hesitations and nerves I did it! Looking back I think opening a business is more nerve-racking than a blog!

Diving in the deep end:
Later 2013, I joined another blog school Blogging Your Way by German blogger extraordinaire Holly Becker from Decor8. Her husband and the team were brilliant teaching us from technical to photography. I learnt so much understanding still photography which gave me a purpose to photograph for my blog and Instagram. I did feel a little out of my league being amongst some advanced bloggers from around the world even though I wasn't the only novice blogger, I did finish up with lots of valuable information that's for sure!
I will definitely do another blog school course with Holly.

So ready for this!
When I heard of homegrown Aussie gal Fat Mum Slim's #fmsphotoaday challenge during 2013, I thought (after a long photo-a-day break) I'm going to get back into playing with my DSRL camera.
The FMS group have ah-mazing photos and it made me step up my photo taking skills (thanks to my wonderful friends, I'm doing a part-time online photography course.) I also started to follow Fat Mum Slim's blog, I was and still am smittened with Instagram photos and posts.

So when she introduced her new project in 2014- Clever Cookie School of Blog, I was going to join no matter what. FMS Chantelle Ellem and amazing photographer Rowe Timson are fantastic teachers along with their special guests, were not afraid to share their knowledge and expertise. What made this bloggy group a little different from the rest was it became a close-knit group, no question was too silly to ask  and was answered by the mentors and students. Everyone was supportive of each other and we still continue our friendship on the Facebook forum. We even met up when the course finished, click here to see how it went.

Now that the year has clicked on 2015 with my blog up and running (with lots of tweaking to do! That list will never end); I want to plan and be more organised, especially when baby No2 is due in 3 months. I chose the old fashion way of pen and paper (I love shopping in a stationary or office store, I light up like a kid in a candy store.)
I didn't want to spend $$ on a planner so I went with the free option. I found about 3 blog planners site from Pinterest and I decided to go with Lambert's Lately. I loved Leslie's colourful design and it contains everything a blogger needs. I used my home printer + $6.50 for binding. Tip: You can save more if you download the printable pages on to a USB and take it to your office supplier and get it binded on the same day. While your there, get some page divider if you can't be bother to create your own.
The planner is an A4 size and has about 120 pages. I wouldn't need to carry it with me as I would use it strictly at home. When I'm out and about I rather use a notebook to write down ideas or my iPhone. Tip: A lesson I learnt from a blogger expert who loves pen and paper is to keep the information separate, one for personal, one for your blog ideas and a notebook to keep in your bag to write down notes. You would hate to lose your book of bloggy ideas. For the techie users, back it up! If you lose your phone, you have it saved on your hard drive.

Have a look at the result.



Plan and get organise for the year via Adore Re Mi

No more messy scribbling and overloading my personal diary. It's already filled with baby stuff and lists. Notebook from Kikki-K, diary from Typo, craft tape from Little Paper Lane.

Binding your planner via Adore Re Mi

Clear perspex to protect the cover from spills. There are plenty of this with a inquisitive 3-year-old.

Insight look of the binded planner/ Adore Re Mi

Insight look of the planner.

Craft tape as page dividers/ Adore Re Mi

To divide the sections, I used washi tape and labeled each section for quick reference. You can buy page/folder dividers from your local office suppliers.

Planner notebook binded and ready to use/ Adore Re Mi

The final result.

Now if you want your planner online via Google sheets check out
Mom's Small Victories

Apps worth checking out:

For more bloggy information click here and here

Q to you:
Whether you're a blogger or not, are you an electronics or paper planner? What tools do you use e.g which apps help you or best notebook/planner to use? Love to know your personal choices..

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Sexy Hair Styles

So it's the new year and you want to get organise, get healthy and perhaps do sometime new to yourself. Manicures and pedicures are great to polish off your look, but what about hair? Maybe a sexy hair style mightn't  been thought about.
Now you don't need to go for the big chop, perm or major colour change; long or short lengths, you can style it by teasing your hair and gently pulling it back to a ponytail or bun/knot & don't forget to hairspray it to keep it in place. Why not give the ironing tongs a workout? Great if you want to keep it simple with a polished look by smoothing it out or messy with waves by curling it (you can You Tube or even better, ask your hairdresser for a mini tutor, shouldn't be extra cost).
A fringe is effective if you're willing enough. Blunt fringes might be a little extra work in summer, best when the season gets cooler as your hair doesn't get too greasy (bobby pins can be a solution.) or have it swept to the side  if you not ready for a blunt look.
And lastly the accessories-  hair clips, hair bands or different colour bobby pins as seen below can make it interesting and great way to hide any bumps or hold it in place. Best time to work on your hair is planning ahead, make an appointment with a recommended stylist or do a-do under pressure so you don't over-work on your hair as much. Have a go!
For more inspirations for short, long hair styles and makeup click here
  Sexy hair styles

Hair styling tool
23 AUD -

Living proof haircare
28 AUD -

Madewell vintage hair accessory
17 AUD -

Ben Amun crystal hair accessory
145 AUD -

J Crew hair accessory
9.21 AUD -

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
37 AUD -

NARS Cosmetics lip shine
30 AUD -
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Best Apple Crumble recipe

The best Apple Crumble recipe by Adore Re Mi

Why is it the BEST apple crumble recipe? It's because the crumble is easy and simply to make and oh so delicious! I had always made the crumble to the original recipe and by adding flour meant you had to cook it in the oven for an extra 30-40 minutes. Who has time to heat/cook it again when the apples are already hot and the crumble can be eaten at room temperature! Also I wanted to tweak it with new ingredients to add more taste and crunch.

What!? I hear the traditional cooks say. All the ingredients in the crumble can be eaten uncooked. I promise you will love the smell of the mixture when you combine it and it's so much better when you try it. Now, I'm not discouraging this dessert dish to not be cooked. In the cooler seasons eating the crumble cooked in the oven or under the grill is just as good, but in the cooler months you can eat it uncooked sprinkled on top. It's your choice!

So let's begin...


Use 4-6 green apples as it has a tartier taste to match the sweetness of the crumble. If you have only red apples, add extra lemon rind. Or not if you love extra sweetness. No apples? use pears. Run out of sugar? use honey or maple syrup.

The best Apple Crumble crumble by Adore Re Mi

In Australia we love our Weetbix and Nutri-grain, in America your Nutri-grain are oat bars. You can substitute this with Cheerios Honey  or use Cheerios without the sugar.

Best to have the butter at room temperature. Cut it in to small cubes to soften quicker.

The best Apple Crumble by Adore Re Mi

Mix  the dry ingredients with your fingertips,

  • 1 cup crushed cereal
  • 1/4 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1/2 to 1 cup cup quick oats, not rolled
  • 1/4 cup choppped almonds
  • 1/2 t cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup brown sugar to taste
  • 50g-80g  butter at room temperature (soften), add more/less until crumble sticks together.

All measurements can be altered according to personal taste.

The best Apple Crumble by Adore Re Mi

For the health conscious, you can alternate:

  • brown sugar to organic maple syrup, stevia or honey, even in the saucepan for the stewed apples.
  • add dates
  • along with the almonds, add walnuts, hazelnuts and/or LSA mix or almond meal.
  • gluten free recipe? click here
  • lessen the sugar quantity
  • substitute the sweeter cereal to a sugar-free or low in sugar such as Cheerios, I read on the site it contains 1g of sugar
  • serve it with yoghurt or coconut cream or ice-cream.

This is when we get excited, the eating! Serve it on it's own or with cream or ice-cream. For extra naughtiness, add pieces of good quality chocolate in the apples (not while in the saucepan, the ramekins).

The best Apple Crumble by Adore Re Mi. So easy to make and oh so delicious! #applecrumble #dessert

I wish you can smell this delicious desert now. Enjoy my friends!

The BEST Apple Crumble recipe by Adore Re Mi. So easy and delicious and quicker to make too.

Pin me to your Pinterest recipe board.

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Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Halloween Ideas by Adore Re MiSince I was a kid I was and still fascinated with all things spooky. I love reading witches and ghouls, ( zombie eyes I hate since watching the movie 28 days Later.) When you grow in a friendly haunted house you become used to the sounds, personally I thought it was the house creaking but my mum thought differently. She heard someone walking through our hallway, even our visitors felt a strange vibe. But my mum made me feel safe and not to be afraid. I grew up 'too fond of the stars to be afraid of the dark' (Galileo). So I haven't actually seen a 'ghost' but I believe there is more than our presence existing.

Halloween is a memorable time of year for me, dressing up in character and visiting your neighbours for treats. My parents never celebrated it but allowed me and my friends to have fun. Last year my daughter and I dressed up for halloween along with our American neighbour and her two daughters. We didn't go trick or treating as the children were too young so we went to our local pizza restaurant. She told me how the Americans celebrate it and I am certain I will visit America during their halloween festival and to Mexico to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos too.

I did this mini photo montage of halloween crafts that are easy and some simple to do from my collection of all SPOOKY things here. You will find lots more inspiration..

Credits and info:

Top: Banana ghost and mandarin pumpkins, found on Princess Pink Girl.

Small top: Ghost Cookies using an upside down tulip cookie cutter made by Make Me Cake Me.

Small bottom: Halloween hand treats using a clear disposable glove tied with a ribbon created by The Queens Card Castle.

Middle: Halloween door, great way to make a spooky impression and inviting too! Photo by Tara Donne via

Bottom left: Frankenstein marshmallow pops, easy to make and you can change the character according to the theme of the party. Tutoril and created by Craft-O-Maniac.

Bottom right: Pumpkin lanterns, you can buy lanterns, craft paper from the dollar shop. Easy and quick to do. Via Martha Stewart.

This is my final third Halloween post. If you missed the first two, you can check it out here and here . Hope you all have fun and be frightfully good. Happy Halloween to all! Adore Re Mi.


Want more ghoulish ideas, I have spooky stuff from my friends who enjoy halloween as much as I do, check it out!

Boiled Eggs & SoldiersBoiled Eggs & Soldiers decorated her home with mummy poppers, ghosts and pumpkins. She has lots more ideas from halloween too. Look here

Pink Post It Note Recipes To SaveDeliciously creepy Spider Choc Chip Cookies and read up about where halloween began via Pink Post It Note Recipes To Save.

Buy these from Sugar StationIf you love visiting candy/lolly shops as much as I do then you must check out Sugar Station. You can purchase Bertie Bott's Beans and Bean Boozled!

Mummy mason jarsMum Of Five Girls has more great craft ideas like the mummy mason jars, check it out here.

A kid-friendly Halloween party by Stay At Home TerritoryStay At Home Territory has planned and organised a halloween party for her kids. Lots of great ideas! Check it out here




Makeup inspirations

MakeUp Inspirations via Adore Re Mi


MakeUp Inspirations via Adore Re Mi

Now that you read last week's post on hair inspiration, this week it's about makeup inspirations. So it's time to update or refresh your makeup with these easy step-by-step makeup tips and looks for all complexions from fair to dark skin. The aim: To learn something new. Whether it's using a new eye shadow colour, knowing where to apply or how to apply, you will gain something from here as much as I did when I completed my makeup course.

I completed my  short course at 3 Arts in Sydney while I was hairdressing. I learnt the foundation of make-up and applied this knowledge on my models for photographic shoots and for myself. My favourite practice model is my mum as I learnt a lot about mature skin. I included a picture of Helen Mirren to show you how less is more especially with age. The collection of pictures shown here are from my Pinterest board. When I started to 'pin' I threw away all my folders of makeup and hair pictures I torn from the magazines. I especially love the tutorials which help you (including me) understand the application of makeup.

In the following pictures, it's requires you to use a eye shadow base- neutral and shimmery colours too. An example is like this one:

MAC cool eye shadow paletteMAC x15 Cool Neutral eye shadow palette. Photo by Lesley Rocks Face. A great website with lots of makeup reviews.

Now I'm not saying you have to buy this one, I am only using the colours as an example. However, if you do want to buy, depending on your budget, you can purchase makeup from chemist/pharmacy for $, Priceline for $-$$ or MECCA and soon to open Sephora $-$$$

how to make your eyes popPicture 1 is about highlighting your eyes to make them pop by dotting the middle and the inner eye with a lighter shade almost iridescent/white. Finish off with a thin eyeliner to make the colour stand out. Via

Helen MirrenPicture 2: Helen Mirren is my idol. She is stunning at her age, in fact you don't think of her age but a fashion icon. I chose Helen's makeup for the 'young at heart' women. Throw away the bright, fashion colours and stay on the neutral side for a timeless look. This makeup suits fair to olive skin. Via Make Up & Beauty.

wedding:natural make-upPicture 3: Perfect for weddings, daytime, special occasions without looking like a panda. I love the warmer, bronze neutral with a soft pink lipstick. For greater impact apply false eye-lashes. Via Kissable Complexions.

Barely there make-upPicture 4: Similar to picture 1 instead with blue eyes. Love how the soft neutral pink makes the blue stand out. Via

how to do winged lookPicture 5: Now it will start to get a little tricky. How to apply liquid eyeliner, firstly with lots of practice. I started using eyeliner when I was 19 and still do. I love how it makes your lashes longer and makes you look retro sexy. Make sure you use one that doesn't smudge and if you don't like the thickness, go thin like dot to dot on your eye lashes.  Source: Buzzfeed.

I like keep my makeup minimal, it's either bold lips or more defined eyes with eyeliner. Never both as it looks too much on my small face.

Smokey eyes for Asian womenPicture 6: If you have Asian eyes, pencil eye liner is softer for the inner eyes, you can smudge it a little for a smokey look. Source: Buzzfeed.

smokey eyesPicture 7: For the ones who want to try smoky eye makeup, this is a great tutorial, again using neutral colours. You can use this as a guide and use different eye shadow colours of your choice. Source unknown via Pinterest.

Bright eyes for dark complexionsPicture 8: For the dark skin, Lupita Nyong'O 's makeup is stunning on her. Not everyone can wear the bright blue eye liner and it looks great on Lupita. To balance the strong eye makeup, a bright coloured blush is added with neutral lips. Alternatively just a bright lipstick is enough. Via Divalocity.

I can hear you saying, whose got time to practice? The best part is that you can't make big errors using neutral makeup. If you don't have makeup brushes, as most of us do, apply with your finger, I use my ring finger or cotton buds for the darker colours. You an purchase brushes from Priceline or invest in better quality from a professional counter. I use Bobby Brown.

The most practice needed is applying eye liner, if you have kids about let them play nearby in front of a mirror or best when they are being looked after by a family member or partner. Girls love to be included and want to copy their mums and I found a perfect solution without worrying if the ingredients in the makeup can react on your child's skin.

via Soho Sonnet.comI found Soho Sonnet (great website) with a great idea for kid's makeup. Adding nail polish to empty eye shadow case and let them dry rock hard, no messy makeup on the carpet! I'm going to do this for my 3 year old who loves beauty, what little girl doesn't.

That is all for today. Next week will be Halloween costumes and makeup ideas, don't miss it! Adore Re Mi.