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9 Gift Ideas She Will Love

I have '9 gifts ideas she will love',  gifts for the women who deserve a great present for Christmas or even birthday.  All are sourced from top Australian brands and websites and we love to support our local stores with quick delivery!

Even if you don't fancy one, let me reassure you there are ah-mazing stuff on each website so take a look... I'm in love with the Gorman bedding, so bright and cheerful. The Polaroid camera I got to try it out and it's so easy to change the film, whether you're an amateur or pro this one is for you. For me a 2015 diary is what I need, lots of family planning next year with the second one arriving and this one is designed by mums for mums. And I promise these gifts won't break your bank either.

Tomorrow is the kids so check it out, I'm sure the big kids will love it too.



9 gifts she will love


Bird home decor


She Believed She Could Print

Spring Inspired Outfits

On the east-coast of Australia it's been hot one day and windy cold the next (maybe refreshing to some.)
I've put away all my wooly winter jumpers but I've kept my lighter essentials for the chilly nights. So I created 3 spring inspired outfits inspired by Pantone colors to mix and match for this crazy in between season. One for each occasion:
  • work
  • casual/date night
  • day to night

The colour inspiration is from the Pantone Spring 2014. You can't go wrong using Sand and Paloma as your neutral colours and boost it up with the brighter colours.

Now considering my personal choice of colour is black, I do like the colour palette, so I'm making some effort to wear navy and grey as my neutral/base tones. It makes a difference to your mood and you get more compliments wearing colour. Mind you I still love black!
The Way She Wears It.

My favourite is the champagne colour pants/leggings. I personally wouldn't be able to wear it without a longer top, but just the remember the rule for the body conscience- Tighter on top, looser on the bottom or looser on top on tighter on the bottom. This will give you some definition without looking frumpy. (Tighter means NOT skin tight but comfortable tight.)
I added flats to the outfits; as much as I love wearing heels, I can't walk in them for long and you can wear dressy flats and still good look.
Hope the colours inspired you as much as it did for me and helped make a decision on a new outfit you for to try.
To my American & Canadian friends, sending you warm hugs with all the
snow you been dumped!
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Navy, Blue and Metallic Inspiration board

I love how no mood, colour or inspiration board are the same. Everyone is as unique as their personality and as the creative creatures we are, we design/create for ourselves and for others. Thanks to my friend Emma, I am a virtual collage addict and here is my first one to inspire you.
Navy, Blue and Metallic

Check out what inspiration board I have created for you next week.
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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Two different BABY SHOWER IDEAS with a different set up and games to play, but there are traditions you keep like finger sandwiches, the baby shower cake. Not to forget a refreshing drink and tea or coffee.


This first idea is fresh, modern and minimalist. You can't go wrong keeping it simple and adding unique touches like the heart shape watermelon, homemade cake and cupcakes. The girls who organised this baby shower did a wonderful job. The friend who baked a vanilla and raspberry cake did an amazing job (anyone who bakes cakes knows how tricky it can be) and  it was delicious, finishing off with a hot coffee or tea!

The games played were 'guess how many mini marshmallows are in the big baby bottle' & a race to think of girls names from A to Z & lastly 'who could guess the cheapest to expensive baby list'.

The day finished off wonderfully and everyone enjoyed themselves, the ones who stayed on to help clean had extra cake and cupcakes, well at least I did!

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi



Congrats to my sister-in-law who is due late January, cannot wait to meet your little princess.



Second baby shower is a nesting bird vintage theme. Tables filled with vintage inspired decoration, metallic bird cage and paper butterflies.

The kitchen was filled with old vintage cups, ready for tea to be poured in for a cuppa with a scone. The butterflies were an idea from grand-nana who passed away since, always crafting away.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Home-made scones, cookies, butterfly cupcakes and finger sandwiches filled the table.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


The courtyard was decorated with a mural made painted on packing paper, inspired by Australian artist Thea Proctor. The lanterns are much easier to ensemble and hung with fishing wire.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Close-up of the mural.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

Outdoor table decorated with the nesting bird theme as inside.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re Mi

The two bird cages were bought on eBay and filled with fresh flowers to make it stand out.
Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiThe baby shower pram cake was baked by a family member.


Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiGames played included 'pin the sperm to the egg' & race to unscramble words & who can guess the size of the mother's belly. The ONLY time a woman would allow this!

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiIndoor wall murals, drawn on packing paper with butterflies stuck on.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiClose-up of the mural.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiIn the kitchen ready to be served, one sugar or two?

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiBeautiful vintage teacups make any guest feel special.

Baby Shower Ideas by Adore Re MiAnd lastly, thank you gifts. These gorgeous pram boxes and mini babies were bought separately on eBay. I have seen the mini babies in party shops.


So there you have it. Two very different baby showers, one from a modern mum and the other who loves old style vintage. Hope you got something out of this and love to know your baby shower party memories- what was a stand out you remember?

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Creative Baby Announcements

Creative baby announcements by Adore Re Mi


When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided on a easy and most popular way to announce my exciting news. I uploaded my baby scan picture, added a few words like 'yes this is mine/ours!' and press post. And like every mum the thrill of sharing the news to your family and friends is heart warming.

3 years later and I am pregnant with my second. I didn't want to announce my baby news until I was in my second trimester, I felt it was the safest time to tell the news. It took me a while to accept my second pregnancy as I had a rough start to the year having 2 miscarriages (I will write my personal story to share with you soon). When my bump started showing, I began to feel more connected, excited and creative again.

So once my happy vibe slowly came back, I wanted to do a creative baby announcement to share with all my friends and family, using my 'big girl' daughter as the announcer. And here is the result:

baby announcementMy daughter isn't a camera poser and when she is, my camera goes crazy, snapping away at her. During the day at Sculpture by the Sea, I took advantage, taking photos of Miss 3 and hoped one of the pictures can be used as the one. And to my surprise, this photo looked super hero-ish.

Luckily Picmonkey- a great site to jazz up your photos, designs, invitations etc, had a superhero theme and I played with the theme until I was happy.

So I got myself thinking what other baby announcements can be created without spending a cent and look over flashy. Personally I like the modern, fresh, not too busy designs where the photo tells the story like this one and that one.

So I stayed on Picmonkey a little longer and designed the following, NOT to sell but to give you some ideas and inspirations using emotions like adoration/love; amazement; acceptance; unhappiness/non-accepting. Guess which emotion fits to each photo...

Baby announcement 2



baby announcement 3



baby announcement 5


And lastly, when the baby arrives and you want to do something different, baby shoes are the way to go to melt EVERYONE's hearts, like fluffy cute announcement 4


I've kept all photos basic and simple, a starting point to create your own. Have fun or suggest this post to a friend or family who is stuck for ideas... blog signature

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Halloween Ideas by Adore Re MiSince I was a kid I was and still fascinated with all things spooky. I love reading witches and ghouls, ( zombie eyes I hate since watching the movie 28 days Later.) When you grow in a friendly haunted house you become used to the sounds, personally I thought it was the house creaking but my mum thought differently. She heard someone walking through our hallway, even our visitors felt a strange vibe. But my mum made me feel safe and not to be afraid. I grew up 'too fond of the stars to be afraid of the dark' (Galileo). So I haven't actually seen a 'ghost' but I believe there is more than our presence existing.

Halloween is a memorable time of year for me, dressing up in character and visiting your neighbours for treats. My parents never celebrated it but allowed me and my friends to have fun. Last year my daughter and I dressed up for halloween along with our American neighbour and her two daughters. We didn't go trick or treating as the children were too young so we went to our local pizza restaurant. She told me how the Americans celebrate it and I am certain I will visit America during their halloween festival and to Mexico to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos too.

I did this mini photo montage of halloween crafts that are easy and some simple to do from my collection of all SPOOKY things here. You will find lots more inspiration..

Credits and info:

Top: Banana ghost and mandarin pumpkins, found on Princess Pink Girl.

Small top: Ghost Cookies using an upside down tulip cookie cutter made by Make Me Cake Me.

Small bottom: Halloween hand treats using a clear disposable glove tied with a ribbon created by The Queens Card Castle.

Middle: Halloween door, great way to make a spooky impression and inviting too! Photo by Tara Donne via

Bottom left: Frankenstein marshmallow pops, easy to make and you can change the character according to the theme of the party. Tutoril and created by Craft-O-Maniac.

Bottom right: Pumpkin lanterns, you can buy lanterns, craft paper from the dollar shop. Easy and quick to do. Via Martha Stewart.

This is my final third Halloween post. If you missed the first two, you can check it out here and here . Hope you all have fun and be frightfully good. Happy Halloween to all! Adore Re Mi.


Want more ghoulish ideas, I have spooky stuff from my friends who enjoy halloween as much as I do, check it out!

Boiled Eggs & SoldiersBoiled Eggs & Soldiers decorated her home with mummy poppers, ghosts and pumpkins. She has lots more ideas from halloween too. Look here

Pink Post It Note Recipes To SaveDeliciously creepy Spider Choc Chip Cookies and read up about where halloween began via Pink Post It Note Recipes To Save.

Buy these from Sugar StationIf you love visiting candy/lolly shops as much as I do then you must check out Sugar Station. You can purchase Bertie Bott's Beans and Bean Boozled!

Mummy mason jarsMum Of Five Girls has more great craft ideas like the mummy mason jars, check it out here.

A kid-friendly Halloween party by Stay At Home TerritoryStay At Home Territory has planned and organised a halloween party for her kids. Lots of great ideas! Check it out here