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Street art from Mission District, San Francisco


When I traveled to America with my husband and sister-in-law about 5 years old, I had one place in mind to visit- The Mission District. "The Mission" as its commonly known, is a neighbourhood in San Francisco.

I heard of this place from a documentary I watched based on "The Mission" and became fascinated by the large population of the Hispanic community and their amazing street art throughout the district, initiated by the Chicano Art Mural Movement of the 1970's.

The neighbourhood also homes San Francisco's oldest historic building- Mission San Francisco de Asis, as commonly known as Mission Dolores, founded in 1776. Mission Dolores Parish comprises both the Basilica and the Old Mission which is now a museum for all to visit. The Old Mission has lived through the Californian Gold Rush, 1848-1855  and amazingly the 1906 earthquake. My husband was in (pardon the pun) door heaven, he's a joiner/carpenter. We were told to visit the popular street Balmy Alley and The Women's Building (the first women-led non-profit arts and education community center in the country). The mural art of the Women's Building is big, beautiful and full of colour, depicting Latin American culture.

Afterwards we headed to Balmy Alley, the most concentrated collection of murals in a street, a block long. We took lots of photos of the colourful street, a great backdrop to stand in as you'll soon see.  We missed out to see Clarion Alley (another street of murals) as it was getting late but I'll be back.


The Women's Building:

Mission, SF women's building via Adore Re MiSide view of The Women's Building in Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building close up 2 via Adore Re MiClose up of the amazing mural painting on The Women's Building, Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building 2 via Adore Re MiBeautiful detail on a large scale of the Latin American culture

Mission women's building 3 via Adore Re MiMy favourite section of the mural- young  girl wrapped up in her Latin indigenous culture

Mission women's building close up via Adore Re MiShowing the scale of the mural

Mission tile mural via Adore Re MiMyself and my sister-in-law standing next to the huge tile mural, beautifully pieced together

Mission Dolores: 

Mission San Francisco de Asis, SFMission San Francisco de Asis

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica grand doors.

Balmy Alley:

Street art murals via Adore Re MiWall to wall, street to street of mural paintings

Street art mural close up via Adore Re MiClose up of a mural (artist unknown)

Street art close up via Adore Re Mi

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re MiMy gorgeous sister-in-law

Balmy Alley, Mission, SF. Artist Sirron NorrisPopular SF street artist Sirron Norris

Mission, SF street art via Adore Re MiPoster art- Freedom to the people

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re Mi



The three of us shared a great time together in San Fran. Afterwards we traveled to Grass Valley where close family lives, I fell in love with this small Gold Rush town Mark Twain visited regularly, but that's another story.

San Francisco is a place I will come back to and explore more the inner hubs of the districts, visit places where the locals go because there is so much more than the tourist hot spots.

Adore Re Mi

Street Art from Melbourne & Sydney

When I walk through the urban city streets, I can't help and stop when I see a colourful lane way. It creates a visual vibe to the place, adding an element of colour and free hand design within the space of the concrete buildings.

What makes street art such as stencils, paste-ups and murals (not tagging) more interesting it's never permanent. It's life span only sticks around until another artist comes and paints, sprays or glues over it claiming new territory.

While most of us feel creeped out entering these dingy, vandalised lane ways or alleys, most of these works are legal. Take the City of Melbourne- the city of art, who commissions artist to do their work in their lane ways. Want to find out where click here. Sydney City not so much but I cringe at the tagging and really bad graffiti done on the wrong places, but I am always in the outlook for great street art in my home city.

If you know of any Sydney streets worth checking out, let me know.

Melbourne Streets.

Melbourne laneway, Fafi art

                                                                         French artist Fafi claims her spot on Hosier Lane, Melbourne.


Fafi art, close up


Fafi Art close up.  More on Fafi click here


Melbourne lane way close up



Melbourne street art close up


Melbourne laneway staircase



Bill posters prosecutedPaste-up/poster art.

hide and seek girl, street artStencil art.


Melbourne lane way street art

Sydney Streets.

Manly heart

Manly lane way.

Manly mural

Manly mural.

street art-adore re mi

Manly mural attracts people of all ages.

gelato colour stairsA little colour brightens the day.

MCA building, SydneyNot street art but Sydney's Vivid light festival. Gamma's World projection show on the MCA building.

MCA building, Sydney. 2More of Gamma's World on MCA building.

Customs House, SydneyVivid Festival, Custom House.

Sydney lane way by Adore Re MiSydney laneway.

Photographs by Adore Re Mi.

Next post more street art from Mission, San Francisco.