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9 Gift Ideas She Will Love

I have '9 gifts ideas she will love',  gifts for the women who deserve a great present for Christmas or even birthday.  All are sourced from top Australian brands and websites and we love to support our local stores with quick delivery!

Even if you don't fancy one, let me reassure you there are ah-mazing stuff on each website so take a look... I'm in love with the Gorman bedding, so bright and cheerful. The Polaroid camera I got to try it out and it's so easy to change the film, whether you're an amateur or pro this one is for you. For me a 2015 diary is what I need, lots of family planning next year with the second one arriving and this one is designed by mums for mums. And I promise these gifts won't break your bank either.

Tomorrow is the kids so check it out, I'm sure the big kids will love it too.



9 gifts she will love


Bird home decor


She Believed She Could Print

When someone you love falls.

Monday I announced to the rest of my family and friends I am pregnant.

Tuesday was a day I needed stay at home with my 3 year old. What I wasn't expecting was a phone call from my husband early morning to say his mum had an accident and may have had broken her pelvic bone.

'Oh no, not pelvic bone!' I thought to myself, that's a long and painful recovery. Later in the day, I was told it was a pubic bone fracture, still painful but not as bad as the broken bone.

As I looked in my diary, I had penciled in for Wednesday- day out with nana. Nana is my mum-in-law and a close friend. We chat about everything and give each other advice. Yes, I am one of the few lucky women to marry into a family I love very much as my own.
I don't regard them as 'in-laws' only by introduction.

Nana is an amazing women who does so much for her family and friends. A reliable and loyal lady who drops everything for you when you need help and always extends her hand.
She bakes the most amazing cheesecakes, scones and apple & rhubarb crumble for all to share. I am not one to enjoy shopping but her truthful advice is Godsend, never going home with an ill fitted clothing. Her patience with my daughter only makes her a loveable nana who gives out treats and always empathises with the sick.

Thankfully, she was with a neighbour when she fell down the backyard stairs and an ambulance was called. It's frightening to think how this could have been worse, lying in pain alone crying out for help.
Her husband left work immediately to be by her side. My dad-in-law and husband work together in their joinery factory and nana is their bookkeeper.

My husband arrived home and collected us to go to the hospital. She requested a magazine and food to eat. Doctor forgotten to write on her report she is allowed to eat and the nurses couldn't give her any food until they received the doctor's approval at 2pm. She ate a very bland sandwich, a little too late as a terrible migraine was emerging.

When I walked in my heart raced and I tried to put on my brave face. Seeing a family member you love in a terrible condition is a shock.
We are all aware our parents are ageing, but you're never prepared to see them in a hospital bed. I am aware she still has many years ahead and I pray to God the recovery will be quick to see her back in her own home.
I kept thinking how much I wanted to hug my mum and dad, I wanted to feel their arms wrapped around me and I made sure I rang them when I arrived home. My hugs from my parents won't be until Christmas as they live in Queensland, but hearing my mum's voice is comforting.

The whole experience made me more grateful of her (and including my family and close friends) - she is well; I always thank her for the help she does for me and I will endeavour to do more for her. It's her second day in hospital will be receiving rehabilitation, more drawings from Miss 3, more magazines and more visits always cheers the sick up.

I am aware of the families who have to go through more hardship and I am thinking of you all. This only makes us stronger and bond closer as a family.
And remember everyone: be grateful for the littlest things everyday because you never know what life throws at you. Now, go and make that phone call to your family or friends...

“Depression is a flaw in chemistry not character”

Robin Williams quote


The day is little sadder after receiving the tragic news of Robin Williams death. Don't let this fade away because there are friends, family and strangers out there who still suffer from depression. Spread your smiles and send them a text, email or even ask "R U OK?" One day they'll be happy and the next feeling alone, so never stop asking this one simple question.

I am too familiar with this black shadow. A friend described me a perfect analogy, "Depression is like the hole in the middle of the sweet donut. When you're in it, you will always be surrounded by the sweetness of life, just need some help to be pulled out of the hole."

I am open about this because I am no longer in denial and I want those who are to realise it's OK, you are NOT alone.
Since being a parent, my train of thought has shifted using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and anti-depressants; when I get those black hole days, I can't afford to lose valuable time with my daughter in my life, she (and my husband) is the pink icing of my donut.

However in my adolescent years it was a different story and I remember how much I hated myself; with low self-esteem, never felt I "fitted" in any group (I was a tomboy and wasn't interested in boys until later, the boundaries between my cultural up-brining and aussie friends clashed. Sounds like a normal 'teen' life but it was worse for me when social anxiety was added to the mix even though I love to socialise. As an adult today, a lot of those adolescent dilemmas no longer exists but the excess worrying has stayed on, anxiety is the problem.

As a mum of Miss Cheeky, I am full aware of all the signs if she ever falls into this pit, I will try to supply her with all the supports she needs when it is needed. Now, it's ok to have shyness or nervous energy (I have both!) but it should never stop anyone from doing what they want to accomplish. It's the understanding and support from the parent that is crucial. If you are a parent and do worry about your child, you can seek information from your local early childhood centre, family support centres like Catholic Care.


I wrote this poem when I was in my teens and kept it all these years to remind myself how you can be still inspired despite feeling depressed.

Darkness by adore re mi

The flip side of depression is you can be expressive visually, writing, baking or musically. Unlike anxiety, which  you become 'stuck' until you have calmed down, depression can move with you. When you fall into the pits call a friend, put on a funny movie or call helpline.

So just remember this... "Depression is a flaw in chemistry not character". So R U OK?

Help line: Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 Lifeline 13 11 14


Mother and Child

I love finding beautiful photography. It stirs something in you that brings out emotions. So powerful are these pictures we find, we can even do the unthinkable, a phone call to our love ones (because texting is too easy). And the first on our list to call- our mothers and/or grandmothers. The joy it brings to our mothers, grandmothers and great women alike is priceless and the smile they walk away with after the phone is hung up is pure delight.

So what is the most important thing a mother hopes for? As a mum myself, happiness. Seeing my three year old daughter being happy from discovering new things in life is joy.

Through the past years I collected some photos I found and pinned to my Pinterest boards here, ones which stirred my soft stop. Below is a collage of some of my favourite ones of mother and child embracing the moment of happiness, I hope it stirs your heart too.

Whether you celebrate Mother's Day or not, because everyday should be mother's day; you can't help but surprise them with a big hug or phone call and for those lucky mothers, breakfast in bed. So to all the mums, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for everyday, may you be cherished every bit.

From Adore Re Mi.


Adore Re Mi-mother and child


Clockwise from centre picture: Laura Murray,  Adore Re Mi,  'Baby earrings' by Pius Leo via Flickr,  'Mother's love' by Soul 101 vis Flickr, Colombian indigenous mother and child from Kuna community by Alexander Rieser, Blue Caleel Steve McCurry,