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9 Gift ideas HE will love.

My last Christmas gift idea post is for the boys, the men. I have 9 gifts ideas he will love for each man from the sports enthusiast to the avid reader, something for all personalities.

A great gift for men is the galvanised drinks cooler tub from Bunnings, almost as cheap as a six-pack. You can add his favourite beers and I guarantee it will be used for those up coming occasions e.g Boxing Day and Australia Day. And lastly, want to get your man something really different? Red Balloon has many great ideas, you might even find something for yourself to add on your wish list.


9 Great Ideas for him,

My photography course: part one

My wonderful friends bought me an online photography course for my birthday last year in 2013. I was so taken aback by their thoughtfulness  that I walked around looking at the world from a different view, seeing so much beauty even in the darkest corners.

I only began this course last month due to some personal turmoil I had experienced this year and I am glad I waited for the right time, (I will share it to you in another post about being grateful.) The online course is called Ultimate Photography and it suits me fine. I can work in my own time and pace (normally when Miss Cheeky is asleep or at daycare). Luckily I am an night owl and while the night is still young, I work away on my course and get to drink my entire cup of tea (a luxury when you have kids in your life). It is early days and I will keep you up to date with my progress on this course.



The photos I took below are from my CANON EOS 450D with a 18-55mm lens and iPhone 4S. Examples of my 'before' pictures to compare with my later photographs as I learn more about the camera (to use manual and not auto, although my favourite setting is macro.) Secretly, I am hoping my darling husband will buy me a wide lens for my birthday next month.

4texture via adore re mi

Taken at my husband's factory.

gingercat via adore re mi

Passing by in Newtown when I saw this cat which matched its interior very nicely.

happy via adore re mi

Pierre via adore re mi

The late Pierre, king of the castle.

street art, sydney via adore re mi

Love those lane ways. Never know what creations you find. That man in the foreground is my husband, my bodyguard.

under Manly boardwalk via adore re mi

Under the boardwalk. Bette Midler was here.

blue lagoon1 via adore re mi

My favourite pic, 4 blue squares of reflection.

I want to thank you girls for getting me motivated again and bringing out the beauty that surrounds us. Part two will be about my progression of the course.

Adore Re



Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

Firstly, here is my suggestion. Gather up all your old bead necklaces in a box, un-thread it to re-create a one-off necklace. Don't have many? I will tell you where to some a little later.

When I heard my daughter's daycare carer was leaving the centre, I thought what gift can I make for her. A necklace! These days jewellery are easily disposable as there are many inexpensive franchise stores, pumping out mass produced jewellery of the latest designs. I have my fair  share of necklaces hanging and collecting dust and I know I won't get much money in return, so the idea to keep them and make new necklaces came up. Now, where do I buy my necklaces/jewellery to re-design? You wonder.

  • boot-sales
  • monthly markets
  • garage sales and my favourite,
  • charity shops.

Let's get started. Here are the supplies I used to make this QUICK GIFT IDEA:

Quick Gift Idea supplies by adore re mi.

Since it's been so long I've made a jewellery piece, I didn't have stringing materials or clasps. You can buy these supplies at a jewellery supply shop, it's like a candy store for the crafters! Instead I used twine to thread through the beads. I normally use cotton or leather cord depending on the size of the bead hole or beading wire for the smaller holes.

But let's keep it simple, and use what you have at home.

I placed the beads on a round plate to see the pattern of the design. To keep the beads from rolling around like a roulette table, I stuck blu-tak on the plate.

Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

Once happy with the pattern, thread the beads through with the twine or string, tying knots to keep the middle in place, this is optional. Now tie the ends with a knot, no clasps were used, I kept it simple and easy.

Here (as shown in the picture below) I used a piece of thick cardboard and cut 2 slits on the top to slide the necklace on to see how it hangs before I try it on. The cardboard gave me an idea...

Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

What supplies I used to make a necklace display...

Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

I changed the thick cardboard to a thinner one to be able to cut it out easily. I drew up the shape and cut it out. To make the shape pop, I used a black marker to draw the boarder. A nice way to display the necklace without it being tangled up. Oh! What about the stapler? I stapled down the necklace to keep it flat on the display. This makes it easy to wrap it up without the necklace sliding off.

Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

Also I taped the necklace to the back to secure it. I couldn't believe this photo came out great, Miss 3 took this photo with the heavy Canon camera! A photographer is born. Not bad hey?

So here is the final product.  I was happier to re-used the stuff I kept. What do you think?

Quick Gift Idea by adore re mi.

Now the fun part. Wrap it up and don't forget a card.

Quick Gift Idea via adore re mi.

So the idea is here, it's up to you to gather up your bits and bobs and re-use it. I hope it has inspired you and to create something out of your old jewellery.

Adore Re Mi.

Hook, line and sinker.

I've never fished nor do I eat it, up until I met my husband as fishing is in his blood. In fact his dad still goes fishing every weekend.  So you can imagine the awkward moment when my husband said to his family I don't eat fish? (Whose the stinker sinker now?) Well didn't that make a good conversation starter? We settled with a fishing trip as I was willing to try. At least if I catch a fish, they can eat it, (I don't like the taste and I have tried all types.)

Since having my daughter, I didn't want her to grow up disliking the taste of fish and thankfully she enjoys her nana's grilled flathead and sushi too. And as for fishing, I enjoy the odd fishing days with my family and I am amazed how keen and curious Miss Cheeky is to fish.

Fishing is  a wonderful way to bond a friendship and teaches you about patience and the art of fishing e.g location, the types of lures, time of tides, the jigging and the reward of reeling in a fish to be proud of.

The funny part is that Miss Cheeky likes to share her dinner of fish with me, I reply with a  'mmm oh thank you but mummy is full. I'm sure daddy will love it more!' And boy does he ever.

Waiting for the catch via adore re mi.


3 generations of fishermen/girl via adore re mi.


Where's my fish dad? via adore re mi


proud fishergirl via adore re mi.


Fish of the day via adore re mi.


fisherman via adore re mi.

Street art from Mission District, San Francisco


When I traveled to America with my husband and sister-in-law about 5 years old, I had one place in mind to visit- The Mission District. "The Mission" as its commonly known, is a neighbourhood in San Francisco.

I heard of this place from a documentary I watched based on "The Mission" and became fascinated by the large population of the Hispanic community and their amazing street art throughout the district, initiated by the Chicano Art Mural Movement of the 1970's.

The neighbourhood also homes San Francisco's oldest historic building- Mission San Francisco de Asis, as commonly known as Mission Dolores, founded in 1776. Mission Dolores Parish comprises both the Basilica and the Old Mission which is now a museum for all to visit. The Old Mission has lived through the Californian Gold Rush, 1848-1855  and amazingly the 1906 earthquake. My husband was in (pardon the pun) door heaven, he's a joiner/carpenter. We were told to visit the popular street Balmy Alley and The Women's Building (the first women-led non-profit arts and education community center in the country). The mural art of the Women's Building is big, beautiful and full of colour, depicting Latin American culture.

Afterwards we headed to Balmy Alley, the most concentrated collection of murals in a street, a block long. We took lots of photos of the colourful street, a great backdrop to stand in as you'll soon see.  We missed out to see Clarion Alley (another street of murals) as it was getting late but I'll be back.


The Women's Building:

Mission, SF women's building via Adore Re MiSide view of The Women's Building in Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building close up 2 via Adore Re MiClose up of the amazing mural painting on The Women's Building, Mission, San Francisco

Mission women's building 2 via Adore Re MiBeautiful detail on a large scale of the Latin American culture

Mission women's building 3 via Adore Re MiMy favourite section of the mural- young  girl wrapped up in her Latin indigenous culture

Mission women's building close up via Adore Re MiShowing the scale of the mural

Mission tile mural via Adore Re MiMyself and my sister-in-law standing next to the huge tile mural, beautifully pieced together

Mission Dolores: 

Mission San Francisco de Asis, SFMission San Francisco de Asis

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica

Mission Dolores Basilica, SFMission Dolores Basilica grand doors.

Balmy Alley:

Street art murals via Adore Re MiWall to wall, street to street of mural paintings

Street art mural close up via Adore Re MiClose up of a mural (artist unknown)

Street art close up via Adore Re Mi

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re MiMy gorgeous sister-in-law

Balmy Alley, Mission, SF. Artist Sirron NorrisPopular SF street artist Sirron Norris

Mission, SF street art via Adore Re MiPoster art- Freedom to the people

Mission, SF street art mural via Adore Re Mi



The three of us shared a great time together in San Fran. Afterwards we traveled to Grass Valley where close family lives, I fell in love with this small Gold Rush town Mark Twain visited regularly, but that's another story.

San Francisco is a place I will come back to and explore more the inner hubs of the districts, visit places where the locals go because there is so much more than the tourist hot spots.

Adore Re Mi

Mother and Child

I love finding beautiful photography. It stirs something in you that brings out emotions. So powerful are these pictures we find, we can even do the unthinkable, a phone call to our love ones (because texting is too easy). And the first on our list to call- our mothers and/or grandmothers. The joy it brings to our mothers, grandmothers and great women alike is priceless and the smile they walk away with after the phone is hung up is pure delight.

So what is the most important thing a mother hopes for? As a mum myself, happiness. Seeing my three year old daughter being happy from discovering new things in life is joy.

Through the past years I collected some photos I found and pinned to my Pinterest boards here, ones which stirred my soft stop. Below is a collage of some of my favourite ones of mother and child embracing the moment of happiness, I hope it stirs your heart too.

Whether you celebrate Mother's Day or not, because everyday should be mother's day; you can't help but surprise them with a big hug or phone call and for those lucky mothers, breakfast in bed. So to all the mums, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for everyday, may you be cherished every bit.

From Adore Re Mi.


Adore Re Mi-mother and child


Clockwise from centre picture: Laura Murray,  Adore Re Mi,  'Baby earrings' by Pius Leo via Flickr,  'Mother's love' by Soul 101 vis Flickr, Colombian indigenous mother and child from Kuna community by Alexander Rieser, Blue Caleel Steve McCurry,