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Sculpture By The Sea

This weekend is the last of Sculpture By The Sea. I went with my husband and Miss 3 who enjoyed it the most, it's a great place to go with your kids who got a better understanding of the artwork than we do.

The highlight was walking along the Bronte to Bondi coastal walk with spectular views of the ocean. Each beach has a kiosk, sausage sizzle, toilets and free water. For the kids, playground and ice-cream. The downfall was the crowds, because we had Miss 3 walk her slow pace my husband carried her on her shoulders most of the way. She always insisted to get down to look at the artworks and explore the area so it's stop and go along the way. I recommend to leave the pram/stroller in your car if you possibly can or if you do bring it make sure it's easy to fold or carry as there are lots of stairs to climb.

The best advice? Park you car in Bondi Junction and catch the bus in. More info here. We drove in believing we WILL find parking and ended up parking 15min away from Bronte beach park. The walk was beautiful going through a public pathway with a creek running through it; discovering parts of Sydney is always the best. Tamarama beach was the next stop and it's the best place for the kids, just make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat. Forgotten your sunscreen? The surf club supplies it with a coin donation. We finished up at Mark's Park, Bondi and thought doing the walk from Bronte to Bondi (click here for info) was the best choice as the reward was at Mark's Park- Sugar Cane juice on a hot day, so refreshing!

We were exhausted from the heat of the sun which is why it's best to go in early or later in the afternoon. The best part going in the afternoon, if you stay until twilight not only do you get the amazing sunset golden hour, you also get to see some of the sculptures lit up for night time and the crowd lessens. No kids? Bondi has great restaurants and bars to check out.

Adore Re MiBronte Beach, Sydney, Australia. We started our walk from here.

Adore Re MiTamarama Beach, where the fun begins. Sculptures are on the beach and grass area and continues after the surf club. Don't forget to buy a catalogue.

Adore Re MiAndrew Hankin, We're fryin' out here

Adore Re MiDistant photo of Alejandro Propato, Permanent sunrise.

Adore Re Mi
Adore Re Mi


Adore Re MiMikaela Castledine, Gift of the rhino.

Adore Re MiGeoffery Drake-Brockman, Counter. My husband making his entry through the counter. Miss 3 was only interested with  her paper cups.

Adore Re MiThe iconic Tamarama surf club still looking good. We ate our sausage sizzle here before we marched on..

Adore Re MiMy favourite sculpture by Koichi Ishino, Wind stone- the threshold of consciousness.

Adore Re MiClose-up

Adore Re MiA children's favourite, L. Matthews in collaboration with Carterwilliamson, Coast totem.

Adore Re MiWang Shugang, Men playing with birds (2012)

Adore Re MiAnother beauty, Harrie Fasher, Which way forwards? Close-up of the head.

Adore Re MiAs we entered Mark's Park, Bondi we saw this amazing structure. Cave Urban, Save our souls. Side view.

Adore Re Mi Worm view inside, Save our souls.

Adore Re MiThe crowd's favourite- Michael Greve, Breaching (2004). Made out of red gum.

Adore Re MiKens Unsworth AM, My house is your home. Out of reach from the kids.

Adore Re MiCoffee break? The Grounds by the Sea. The queue was too long for us so we had...
Adore Re Mi... sugar cane juice with pineapple, our perfect reward after a bathroom break!


So don't forget this weekend, 9th November is the last weekend, a great way to see Sydney.

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My photography course: part one

My wonderful friends bought me an online photography course for my birthday last year in 2013. I was so taken aback by their thoughtfulness  that I walked around looking at the world from a different view, seeing so much beauty even in the darkest corners.

I only began this course last month due to some personal turmoil I had experienced this year and I am glad I waited for the right time, (I will share it to you in another post about being grateful.) The online course is called Ultimate Photography and it suits me fine. I can work in my own time and pace (normally when Miss Cheeky is asleep or at daycare). Luckily I am an night owl and while the night is still young, I work away on my course and get to drink my entire cup of tea (a luxury when you have kids in your life). It is early days and I will keep you up to date with my progress on this course.



The photos I took below are from my CANON EOS 450D with a 18-55mm lens and iPhone 4S. Examples of my 'before' pictures to compare with my later photographs as I learn more about the camera (to use manual and not auto, although my favourite setting is macro.) Secretly, I am hoping my darling husband will buy me a wide lens for my birthday next month.

4texture via adore re mi

Taken at my husband's factory.

gingercat via adore re mi

Passing by in Newtown when I saw this cat which matched its interior very nicely.

happy via adore re mi

Pierre via adore re mi

The late Pierre, king of the castle.

street art, sydney via adore re mi

Love those lane ways. Never know what creations you find. That man in the foreground is my husband, my bodyguard.

under Manly boardwalk via adore re mi

Under the boardwalk. Bette Midler was here.

blue lagoon1 via adore re mi

My favourite pic, 4 blue squares of reflection.

I want to thank you girls for getting me motivated again and bringing out the beauty that surrounds us. Part two will be about my progression of the course.

Adore Re


Street Art from Melbourne & Sydney

When I walk through the urban city streets, I can't help and stop when I see a colourful lane way. It creates a visual vibe to the place, adding an element of colour and free hand design within the space of the concrete buildings.

What makes street art such as stencils, paste-ups and murals (not tagging) more interesting it's never permanent. It's life span only sticks around until another artist comes and paints, sprays or glues over it claiming new territory.

While most of us feel creeped out entering these dingy, vandalised lane ways or alleys, most of these works are legal. Take the City of Melbourne- the city of art, who commissions artist to do their work in their lane ways. Want to find out where click here. Sydney City not so much but I cringe at the tagging and really bad graffiti done on the wrong places, but I am always in the outlook for great street art in my home city.

If you know of any Sydney streets worth checking out, let me know.

Melbourne Streets.

Melbourne laneway, Fafi art

                                                                         French artist Fafi claims her spot on Hosier Lane, Melbourne.


Fafi art, close up


Fafi Art close up.  More on Fafi click here


Melbourne lane way close up



Melbourne street art close up


Melbourne laneway staircase



Bill posters prosecutedPaste-up/poster art.

hide and seek girl, street artStencil art.


Melbourne lane way street art

Sydney Streets.

Manly heart

Manly lane way.

Manly mural

Manly mural.

street art-adore re mi

Manly mural attracts people of all ages.

gelato colour stairsA little colour brightens the day.

MCA building, SydneyNot street art but Sydney's Vivid light festival. Gamma's World projection show on the MCA building.

MCA building, Sydney. 2More of Gamma's World on MCA building.

Customs House, SydneyVivid Festival, Custom House.

Sydney lane way by Adore Re MiSydney laneway.

Photographs by Adore Re Mi.

Next post more street art from Mission, San Francisco.