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Flashback Friday

Year 1986.

Another summer song would have been good, but I got to keep my Flashback Friday unpredictable. I love music , the ones that take you to a memory that could have been faded out. This is why I love music so much, it reminds you of the good, bad and the heartbreaking times. It can transform you to become a singer while you clean your home, a rocker while you wait for the bus or a bad-ass rapper walking down the street to corner store. It's all good feelings from a single song your listening.

Today's classic 80's song is a rendition from the original The Supreme's version, You Keep Me Hangin' On. Kim Wilde and her music produce brother hadn't heard much of the original song and re-create it to a pop/hi-NRG song which peaked in Australia and the U.S & No 3 in her native homeland U.K . I remember this too well, watching it on Video Hits.

Artist: Kim Wilde
Song: You Keep Me Hangin' On
Album: Another Step

Click here to listen

Kim Wilde, You Keep Me Hangin' On

Flashback Friday

Year 2000.

We are heading back to the dance floor 1999-2000 circa. When techno was becoming too hardcore and garage music was what most funksters danced to; at least I did in Sydney's Globe club while the Sydney Olympics were on.

Garage music is deep funky house, old school jungle and electro with R&B blended in together. No doubt you would have heard garage music still playing today in a modern bar/cafe or retail shop. The music faded out in the mid 2000 leaving funky tracks with a great tempo to dance, exercise or clean your house with today. I still do!

Which is why I chose a popular, commercial English garage and R&B band called Artful Dodger. They released a song called 'Please Don't Me On' which was on repeat in the hairdressing salon I worked at.

Click here to hear the funky sound of Artful Dodger.


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Enjoy your weekend! Adore ReMi

Flashback Friday

Year 1988.

I remember sitting in the back seat in my friend's red corolla, driving home from school when this song first came on radio. It was Friday and we sang like champions excited the weekend arrived.

If you want to check it out, click here for FYC, Good Thing

Fine Young Cannibals


English band Fine Young Cannibals formed in 1984. Their songs "Good Thing" and "She Drives Me Crazy" peaked in the top ten in 1988 in Australia.

Enjoy your weekend- Adore Re Mi

Flashback Friday

Year 1983.

It's afternoon and hours away you'll be packing up your bags to go somewhere that doesn't resemble your work environment. Though I can guarantee once you listen to your favourite tune, you'll be feeling your happy self ready for the weekend.

I can get you started now,  Just click here  for the video. Hail from the U.K this Muncunian classic from New Order, Blue Monday (1983 and re-recorded by Quincey Jones in 1988).


Click here for more interesting facts on the is song alone WITH the song.

New Order Blue Monday via Adore Re Mi

Enjoy everyone!

Adore Re Mi